Cedar Paint gets innovative


Damp Repair Plaster Primer offers a ‘one way valve’ to release moisture.

Over the past two years, Cedar Paint was actively involved in research and development and introduced new innovative products to the market.

A series of innovative, practical products were designed and a series of direct to market products launches were planned for the Retail market.

Most recently, the Cedar 3-in-1 Coat was released into the Retail market. This coating applies directly to raw plaster, cement brick or pre-painted surfaces as a one-coat system. 3-in-1 Coat drastically reduces the application cost, considering you no longer need a primer and a second coat. Just consider the labour saving features in using a coat of this nature.

The product is available in a twelve colour offering, including white. 3-in-1 Coat launched in many retail stores with positive sales results with ongoing sales effort to extend the product into the market. The next generation 3-in-1 Coat will launch in June, offering a premium Sheen finish and a seven to ten year lifespan depending on the region.

Originally offered in 2015 in the Premium Range, the Cedar Roof and Waterproof was the first of the new lines, designed to be a roof paint, which also functions as a water proofing option. The two in one value allows retailer to stock less ‘stock keeping units’ (SKU’s), saving shelf space and opens cash flow, while offering the consumer a multi service product.

Damp Repair Plaster Primer followed as the next innovative item to market. Acting as a Damp Repair which repels water while allowing the substrate to breath out, effectively offering a ‘one way valve’ to release moisture, creating a one way breathable Primer.

The Ultra Identity Matt is groundbreaking technology. This coating is a first to market coating that is infused with Micro Elements, allowing one to identify the brand once it is painted out on a substrate. The value in this ability to identify the brand should be considered in the Architectural field. The Identity Matt is also hydrophobic, meaning that liquids cannot stick to the coating. Water is repelled from the surface creating a self-cleaning Ultra-Premium product for the inside or outside of a property.

More exciting products from Cedar Paint will become come available during the year, which will assist in creating a brand that offers practical innovative solutions to the South African market and has set in motion Cedar Paint as a non-threatening paint brand who simply offer practical, solution driven innovation.

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