Cedar Paint launches an industry first

Cedar hydrophobic paint

Water is repelled off surfaces painted with Cedar hydrophobic paint.

Cedar Paint has launched an industry first – a coating that can highlight itself as a Cedar Paint product. 

Imagine specifying a brand of paint and the contractor ‘cheats’ by applying a cheaper product? Cedar Paint’s latest innovative product negates this risk, enforcing the 15-year guarantee.

Identity paint

The Cedar Paint Identity Matt coating ‘tells’ you who it is. What this means for architects, asset and homeowners is peace of mind. Contractors cannot ‘cheat’ the specification.

Cedar Paint Identity Matt is infused with a microelement or to make it simpler, a paint DNA that allows a Cedar Paint technician to scan on site and confirm if a coating has the Cedar Paint brand identity infused within. The Micro Elements do not change the colour or texture of the coating.

Cedar Paint is proud to have designed this inventive, first to market coating that comes with micro elements (a detectable named acrylic).

Hydrophobic paint

More to this product, the Identity Matt is hydrophobic meaning that liquids cannot stick to the coating. Water is repelled from the surface creating a self-cleaning ultra-premium product for the inside or outside of your property. The Ultra Range can be classed as a specialised coating, yet it remains practical and easy to apply the product.

The Cedar Paint Ultra Range may be used as a two-part system or separately. Used as a two-part system, the applicator would prime mineral surfaces (plaster, brick etc.) with two coats, wet on wet, to ensure the surface is sealed and damp proof. Good preparation ensures a long lasting, protective and decorative coating which in turn ensures savings over time. This first step involves The Cedar Paint Damp Repairing Plaster Primer. For the second step, apply two coats of the Identity Matt, a Hydrophobic Matt finish coating that comes with a 15 year guarantee and has the ability to ‘tell you’ who it is.

“Through the years we at Cedar Paints realised that often paint specifications are not honoured by applicators which results in asset owners not always getting the specified coating they were promised. Brands hold market equity and can immediately be identified. Paint however, once out of the bucket and applied to a surface was never branded. The ‘loop holes’ in the market were allowing for irregularities between what brand was specified and what could possibly be on the coated surface. Cedar Paint looked to nature for a solution,” says Shane Weeden, Director and Marketing Manager at Cedar Paints.

Considering that the shell of an insect and a paint coating do the same thing in many ways, protects and decorates, why could paint not copy mother nature and in turn give us a hydrophobic, protective and decorative coating. “Certain exoskeletons reflect colours differently under special light. Our chemist identified an additive that under certain light acts differently, enabling us to identify the coating as Cedar Paint. Two years of research resulted in a product that is Ultra-Premium, a product Cedar Paint can be proud of, that you the client can be proud of, proud to have on your property and can honestly know, it’s Cedar Paint,” Weeden concludes.

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