Celebrating 60 years of Rouberto Building Materials: A journey of perseverence and growth

Rouberto Building Materials, a resilient company marking six decades of success, celebrated its 60th anniversary in a festive event at the Randpark Country Club. The commemorative evening was graced by the presence of esteemed guests who have played a pivotal role in the company’s journey. The event encapsulated the company’s rich history, its founders’ dedication, and the strong relationships that have propelled it forward.  

Rouberto Building Materials store decades ago.

The evening began with a warm welcome to the attendees, each of whom was greeted with a thank-you gift at their place settings. The company expressed its gratitude for the guests’ presence and participation in celebrating this significant milestone. A noteworthy gesture came from two loyal suppliers, Lasher and RSB, who generously contributed to the evening’s gifts.  

Among the unique gifts was a handy knife accompanied by a 10-cent piece – a symbolic offering to avoid the superstition of being “stabbed in the back” with one’s own knife and to reinforce the value of maintaining strong relationships. Adding an element of surprise, a lucky sticker concealed under one of the table settings granted the bearer an RSB butcher’s block board, creating an air of excitement.  

The evening continued with heartfelt acknowledgments to the loyal suppliers who had been instrumental in making the event possible. These suppliers had showcased their products throughout the month of August at the store, generating significant interest and support.   

Their logos adorned the event, symbolising their partnership and commitment.  

The original Rouberto Building Materials store.
The original store

The event’s narrative then delved into the origins of Rouberto Building Materials. It began with the story of Jacobus Peter Joubert, the first generation of the family, who transitioned from door-to-door sales to becoming a cornerstone of the industry. The company’s evolution was punctuated by partnerships, challenges, and an unwavering commitment to growth.  

From Joubert’s early days of door-to-door sales to his transition into the building materials industry, the journey was marked by dedication and resourcefulness. Challenges were met with resilience, including setbacks like the end of a partnership and zoning issues. These hurdles only fuelled the determination to succeed.  

Transitioning into the second generation, Jaco Joubert joined his father in the business. Jaco’s dedication, coupled with the guidance of influential individuals like Barnie Rupert, led to further expansion and diversification of offerings. The company weathered personal health challenges and regulatory battles, always emerging stronger.  

As the third generation took the reins, Pieter Joubert continued the legacy of hard work and innovation. The company navigated through tough times, including a property purchase and the unexpected challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. Pieter Joubert’s commitment to the business’s growth and resilience ensured its continuity into the future.  

The evening ended on a note of gratitude to those who contributed to Rouberto’s success, from the suppliers to the customers, employees, and, notably, the Joubert family. Pieter’s wife and children were recognised for their unwavering support, and a toast was raised to the past 60 years and the promising future ahead.  

As the event concluded, attendees left with not only the gifts they received but also a sense of the company’s remarkable journey. The celebration underscored Rouberto Building Materials’ ethos of perseverance, dedication, and collaboration, reminding all present of the value of partnerships in achieving enduring success.  

A special thank you to the sponsors:  

Plascon, Seaqual, PBES, Centurion, Mintroad Timber Products, Lasher, Swartland, Matus, Duram, Mandoval, PlusTen, Saint-Gobain, Bostik, Gio Designer Plumbing, Brits non-woven, Festool, Corobrik, Tork Craft, Tal, Usabco, Corobrik, Coopers, Ocon Brick, Efekto, KBC, RSB Timber, Woodoc, Libra Marketing and Sales, Flash Harry, Nemtek, Marley Roofing, Heunis, Vermont Sales, PPC, a.b.e Saint-Gobain, Ingco, Everite, WIreforce, Damax Khan & Khan, Hillaldam, Acutt Wholesalers, Addis, Tile and Floor Care, Hikoki, Addis, TransTool, Connect-it, Powafix, Robmeg Steel  

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