Celsius Scientific has the centrifugation solution for you…

Celsius Scientific offers high quality centrifugation products that are well respected in the medical and R&D fields. They are proud to introduce the Senova Biotech centrifuge range. Senova’s professional team has engaged in R&D, manufacturing and service, and have concentrated on providing global customers with not only reliable products, but also satisfactory training, after-sales service, technical support and long-term supply of replacement parts. Specialising in clinical and research laboratories in hospitals and universities, Senova centrifuges are also utilised in a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage and environmental markets.

Features include:

  • Induction motor – maintenance free
  • Microprocessor / PID control systems
  • Minimum acceleration time
  • Noise level lower than 60dB
  • Coded rotor recognition
  • Temperature range from -20 to+ 40 ºC
  • Lid open programmable: The lid automatically opens at the end of the run or on touch of the “lid” button
  • RPM/RCF adjustable while running
  • Speed setting increment 100rmp, time from 1 to 99 minutes
  • Countdown starts at set RPM /RCF allowing reproducible results
  • Rotor information is saved in memory
  • Initial checking of the device and its accessories
  • Centrifugation chamber in stainless steel with guard ring around the chamber
  • Lid dropping protection
  • Imbalance cut off
  • Double manual emergency lid release
  • Temperature probe inside the chamber of centrifugation (refrigerated models)
  • Refrigerant R 134A (CFC free)

Senova continues to develop and manufacture safe, innovative and technology-driven equipment for the clinical and research laboratory sector.

The company offers a full range of products from small benchtop to large floor standing centrifuges including refrigerated units for sophisticated molecular and biochemical research. From basic control to programmability, the Senova Centrifuge allows the operator to control the centrifugation parameters by the touch panel with ease and efficiency.

Various rotors and adapters are available, with programmes allowing the operator to control the centrifugation parameters by the touch panel easily.


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