Celsius Scientific offers ‘Smart’ water…

Celsius Scientific offers water purification systems that purify water of various specified qualities as reliably, practically and cost-effectively as possible.

Many laboratories require ultrapure/pure water daily. We understand how important it is for scientists to obtain a choice of water quality that ranges from primary grade, for simple routine washing and rinsing, to ultrapure for the most critical science and analytical applications.Our ‘Smart’ range of water purification systems is capable of producing ultrapure and RO water in one system. With intelligent software monitors and controls, you are always informed of cartridge life-span and quality water being produced.

Incorporating EDI technology into the system offers benefits such as:

  • ‐Very efficient removal of ions and small MW charged organic (Resistivity > 10 MΩ‐cm)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Typical <100 watt light bulb
  • High water recovery
  • No chemical regeneration
  • Low operating cost
  • Low maintenance
  • No particulates or organic contamination (smooth, continuous regeneration by weak electric current)

The ‘Smart’ range offers solutions for the following applications: AAS; common analysis; HPLC; IC; GC/MS; ICP/MS; cell and tissue culture; DNA sequence; and PCR. Our water systems are supplied to a variety of fields including: waste and drinking water treatment; R&D laboratories; the food processing sector; tertiary institutions and the medical research sector.

Celsius Scientific is committed to supplying high accuracy instruments with efficient and friendly back-up service on hand. No requirement is too large or too small… we can offer a solution for your every need. Make the ‘Smart’ choice and side with a ‘Smart’ partner – Celsius Scientific.


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