MoneyMarketing is an FPI recognised CPD Provider

Now FPI members can earn 1 verifiable CPD point/hour for reading the latest issue of MoneyMarketing

A CPD activity is a verifiable activity that is accredited by a professional body – such as the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI), a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Recognised Professional Body.

The FPI defines CPD as “a process of lifelong learning whereby an individual systematically engages in activities that maintain abilities, skills and knowledge required for a professional practice as described and guided by FPI.”

According to the FPI, the mind-set that professionals should adopt when it comes to CPD, is not one of merely showing compliance with yet another fit and proper requirement as laid down by regulations but rather a principle-based mind-set that focuses on:

A continuous strive to ensure that your own professional knowledge is always up to date for the benefit of your clients and the public at large;

That you continuously upskill yourself and remain informed with regards to the newest and latest developments in areas of financial management, asset management, risk planning, tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning and updates to legislation;

In order to ensure that you remain relevant within the ever-changing landscape of financial planning; and

To ensure that you place your clients in a position to make informed decisions and that you are treating your customers fairly at all times.

CPD is one of the hallmarks of every reputable profession and is not just about obtaining ‘CPD points’ or ‘CPD hours’ but the attainment and/or enhancement of ones abilities, skills and knowledge in order to have a sustainable, reputable business that supports client retention and principles such as treating customers fairly.

The FPI has recognised the quality of the content of MoneyMarketing’s latest edition and would like to reward its professional members with 1 verifiable CPD points/hours for reading the publication and gaining knowledge on relevant topics.

To claim your CPD points:

Please login to the FPI portal with your registered credentials, go to ‘Events’ and scroll down the list of events then select the latest MoneyMarketing assessment you wish to complete and order the assessment. The assessment can be accessed on the FPI’s E-learning portal after 2-3 hours under ‘My Courses’.

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