Changing the ‘Made in China’ perception

China Homelife Fair South Africa

China Homelife Fair South Africa will be the biggest sourcing platform of Chinese products in Southern Africa.

For many years, there was some truth to the bad connotation an item carried when labelled ‘Made in China’. This however is simply no longer a generalization, which can be made. China has developed in leaps and bounds when it comes to technology upgrades over the past 20–30 years and has undergone what some consider a modern-day industrial revolution.

It used to be focused on labour-intensive, low-technology goods, almost solely a result of a lower cost of labour compared to more modern and developed countries. While this strategy may have fuelled the revolution, it didn’t stop there. Instead, China kept going by adding technology, building modern, specialised factories and training their workforce to rival that of other world powers. In fact, the reason that part of the bad connotation may still be around is that the revolution happened so quickly – in fact, China industrialised 10 times quicker than Britain.

Many Southern African industries have taken notice, and have started importing quality products from China; enabling their organisations to be competitive in terms of both price and quality. Bilateral trade between China and South Africa is currently growing at 20%, and both governments are doing what is required to increase this figure and foster even closer trade relations between the two countries. All of this is great information, but what does it mean to the buyer looking at whether or not to outsource to China?

China Homelife Fair South Africa will be the biggest sourcing platform of Chinese products in Southern Africa and has become the most effective platform for leading Chinese companies seeking to do business in Southern Africa. Buyers are guaranteed the best quality and a wide variety of suppliers to choose from at the show. China Homelife goes the extra mile to ensure that only verified suppliers are allowed at the show. This quality control process is based on export value, experience in international trade, manufacturing process and raw material usage.

The second edition of the China Homelife Show Africa will bring you over 250 superior Chinese suppliers from the home products category, presenting a lucrative opportunity for importers, traders and buyers to source high quality products directly from manufacturers at competitive prices.

With the right help, sourcing from China can help you to accomplish your cost-saving goals without sacrificing the quality of your business. China Homelife Fair, taking place alongside China Machinex will happen from 31 August – 2 September 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre.

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