From London landmarks to coastal creations: Charles Thompson’s journey to property development excellence

Charles Thompson, the distinguished Director of Devmco Group, emerges as a trailblazer with over two decades of steadfast experience in shaping the landscape of property development in South Africa and the United Kingdom. A distinguished graduate from the University of KwaZulu-Natal with an Honours degree in B.Sc. Construction Management, Thompson’s career has been marked by significant projects both internationally and locally.

Charles Thompson, Director of Devmco Group
Charles Thompson

Thompson’s journey commenced in the United Kingdom, contributing to the commercial property industry on iconic projects such as the Houses of Parliament and The Gherkin in London. After seven years abroad, he returned to South Africa, joining JT Ross to lend his expertise to signature projects including the Glass House, Netcare Hospital in Umhlanga and eThekwini Heart Hospital. He has also founded the iconic Umhlanga Arch project which was successfully delivered by a talented team that he had put together.

With a decade-long tenure at Construction ID, Thompson then played a pivotal role in approximately 180 diverse projects, including the development of Zimbali Suites, Beacon Rock, and Urban Park. In 2007, driven by the vision to overcome residential development bottlenecks, he founded Devmco. Since then, Thompson has successfully overseen the completion of 35 homes in Zimbali and spearheaded ground-breaking developments within the Sibaya precinct.

Devmco’s achievements within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, include Ocean View, Gold Coast, Salta Sibaya, and Capri Village. His hands-on approach, from land acquisition to project completion and facilities management, has been a key driver behind the company’s success, with a portfolio ranging from low and high-rise apartments to hotels, freestanding homes, retail malls, industrial buildings, motor car dealerships, and office blocks.

Thompson’s leadership extends beyond project oversight; he actively seeks and nurtures new opportunities. With a keen eye on future prospects, he adeptly manages investor relationships, ensuring Devmco’s continued growth and longevity. His proficiency in networking with diverse groups of investors, buyers, banks, consultants, and conveyancers has enabled him to build a reputation as a knowledgeable and respected figure in the industry.

Having grown up in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Thompson embodies the essence of a proud Durbanite. Beyond his professional persona, Charles Thompson stands as a dynamic force, leaving an enduring legacy on the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and shaping the South African real estate landscape.

Thompson’s steadfast dedication to quality, evident in every project undertaken by the Devmco Group, resonates not only in the skyline he has meticulously crafted but also in the lasting impact on the communities he aims to uplift. Rooted in a mission of excellence and community development, Charles Thompson and his team at Devmco continue to stand as an influential force in the ever-evolving landscape. Solidifying their position as leaders within the dynamic property development industry Thompson and his team have clear intentions of making a marked impact not only within KwaZulu Natal and South Africa, but further afield in Botswana and Australia as well.

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