New anti-pollution defense mechanism from Chemyunion

The marketing campaign for SkinBlitz which shows a woman with beautiful skin shielded from the damaging effects of pollutionToday the world faces the impact of pollution on skin health. More than 80 percent of the global population lives in urban areas with air-monitored pollution exceeding the threshold recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Global air pollution has increased by eight percent in 2016 despite the efforts of some regions to decrease emissions, demonstrating this is a challenge that will not be easily overcome.

Pollutants cause countless damages to the body. They provokes the destruction of skin layers, reduce cell proliferation, cause cellular differentiation and favour hyperpigmentation.

Prevention versus treatment

Considering population growth and possible skin damage, cosmetics brands are coming up with solutions just as quickly. Anti-pollution claims were present in two out of three skin care product launches in 2016, mostly with antioxidant properties. Antioxidants control damage caused to the skin by polluting agents by mitigation. However, it would be more beneficial if skin care products could prevent pollutants from permeating the skin.

As a result, Chemyunion has evaluated the various possibilities of films, which could lock out pollutants with proven efficacy. This provided the platform for developing SkinBlitz. Its efficacy was compared to a standard film-forming agent, reducing the permeation of pollutants by 65 percent.

The benefits of SkinBlitz:

  • protects cell DNA exposed to pollution therefore inhibiting premature ageing
  • inhibits hyperpigmentation caused by pollution
  • reduces levels of biomarkers of environmental stress by 55 percent (HSP70)
  • it has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce Interleukin-6 by 37 percent

An award-winning company

Chemyunion has proven scientifically that SkinBlitz is more effective than any other pollution-protection product on the market as they do not prove the prevention of pollutants from reaching the skin on any level. Chemyunion is represented in South Africa by Chemgrit Cosmetics.

Chemyunion is globally recognised for the creation, development and manufacturing of innovative active ingredients, basic and functional excipients, and classical and alternative preservatives for health and personal care applications. The company’s expertise involves understanding consumers’ beauty and wellness needs, identifying trends and developing unique products through its capabilities in R&D. That is why its ingredients add value in the most relevant brands worldwide.

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