Choose a speedstile gate from Boomgate Systems


 Boomgate Systems has three types of speedstiles to choose from: 

1- Pro Wing Speedstile or also known as a flap barrier or angel wing barrier 

2- Pro Wing Retractable 

3- Pro Wing 180° Swing Barrier, this is our most popular speedstile. 

Speedstiles are used in place of traditional tripod or 3 arm waist height turnstile. Speedstiles are a modern version of access control. Speedstiles offer touchless access control, which makes it ideal for Covid prevention. 

Speedstiles quick operation means less equipment installed as opposed to traditional turnstiles. 

When choosing a speedstile, you have to consider the following: 

1- Security Risk- is it low or high risk areas you want to control and protect. 

2- Is it Paid Access like train stations or bus stations 

3- Normal Access Control, in and out of office blocks 

Boomgate Systems has it covered for high risk areas, we have the Pro Wing Retractable Speedstile that has a gate height of up to 2.2m from the floor level. This makes it the top of the range speedstile with lane widths starting from 600mm for normal sized lanes and 900mm wide lane for special needs access. 

For normal access control, we can offer you the Pro Wing Speedstile and Pro Wing 180° swing gate. We offer 600mm as our standard lane width and for special needs, we offer 900mm as standard, but we can up to 1.2m wide. 

All of our special needs 900mm lanes are 180° Swing barriers, due to the fact that the 180° Swing Barrier is so much more user friendly because the gate swings away from you. 

All of Boomgate Systems Pro Wing Speedstiles comes with Servo Brushless moto technology. The opening and closing is ultra-fast and super quiet. It has a 100% duty cycle and has a 10 million mean time between failures. 

Our Pro Wing Speedstiles comes with anti vandal protection. Our speedstiles can detect unsual opening and closing 

If the gates are pushed open without a valid transaction, the gate will simply move a fraction to prevent damage, it will then reset and move back to the original closed position. 

Boomgate Systems has a speedstile for every application and every location. 

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