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Now Kreepy Krauly’s new offices house a new and improved customer service and reseller advice division.

Kreepy Krauly needs no introduction. A beloved South African brand, the company has been around for more than 40 years and has taken the world of pool cleaners by storm. . The team behind Kreepy Krauly have extended its product philosophy to a world-class customer care hub. Kreepy Krauly recently moved to new premises in Modderfontein, with the aim to better serve business clients- and help end-users with all their pool cleaner servicing, pool ownership education and repair needs.

“The new location and premises are much safer for end-users and resellers, and better equipped to assist with after-sales needs and service queries efficiently,” shares Chris Smit, key accounts manager, Four Water Pool Solutions – the Holding company for Kreepy Krauly.

The team have put serious thought into designing an after-care service experience that will add to the enjoyment of owning a Kreepy Krauly, and ultimately a gorgeous pool. End-users can walk in, get their machines tested and assessed on-site at the adjacent workshop within 30-45 minutes, while they enjoy a complimentary coffee. Depending on whether the claim/problem falls under a warranty or not, Kreepy Krauly then undertakes to repair the cleaner as quickly as possible.

“Our repair approach is also very different. We don’t just replace what has failed/broken through normal wear and tear. Instead, we take the holistic approach and rather replace all serviceable parts to ensure long-term service. Our aim is for the repaired machine to carry on working for at least two years after it has left our doors,” explains Chris. This approach is also implemented by the company’s appointed service partners in Cape Town and Durban. All repairs are monitored with a tracking system, which means clients and resellers will know within minutes what the status of their repairs are, at any time.

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You can buy repair and tune-up kits separately for Kreepy Krauly gear-driven machines. The same kits were used in Kreepy Krauly’s Repair Workshop.

Kreepy Krauly’s approach to customer service is refreshingly holistic and systemic. “We’ve experienced a significant increase in queries and calls from new homeowners, in particular new entrants to South Africa’s growing middle class. These homeowners frequently are experiencing having a pool for the first time. It was soon apparent that 99.9% of problems we encountered were related to the equipment or water quality, and that we needed to help guide new pool owners who needed help with pool ownership and care. Another reason clients call in is that they have bought the incorrect pool cleaner for the intended application.”, advises Ginger Erlinger, a 35-year veteran in the pool industry, and who heads up customer care at Kreepy Krauly. “Our aim is to educate and help Kreepy Krauly owners with not only their products but their pools as much as possible.”

As part of the holistic support approach, Kreepy Krauly also offers state of the art, free water testing and analysis. In addition to state-of-the-art, free water testing, Kreepy Krauly also offers holistic support.

Clients can bring a pool water sample, which should be taken a meter deep, be cool and stored in a sterilised container for accurate results, and within minutes clients receive a comprehensive diagnosis and pool water profile, with recommended actions steps. A client’s pool profile is then also captured on Kreepy Krauly’s system for future reference.

Did you know?

An average Kreepy Krauly, running for eight hours a day, can cover 2 200km in one year. Not bad for plastic gears.

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