Clere For Men launches anti-perspirant roll-ons

Since its launch last year, the Clere For Men Active range has performed so well in the men’s skincare category, that the brand is now expanding its product offering with the Clere For Men Active range of anti-perspirant roll-ons.

“Not only are our consumers looking for a brand that will keep up with their daily skincare needs, while keeping them active and on the go, they’re also after the convenience of a complete grooming range,” explains Themba Ndlovu, Clere For Men Active brand manager.

“We’re proud that an already trusted brand like Clere For Men caters for the skincare needs of men, not just in terms of lotion and crème, but now roll-ons too.” The new Clere For Men Active range of anti-perspirant roll-ons brings an exciting variety of options to consumers looking for value for money, without compromising on quality. The roll-ons are available in three all-new masculine fragrances, Fresh Cooling, Fresh Energy and Invisible Dry. They provide dryness and 48-hour underarm protection. Invisible Dry won’t leave any yellow marks or stains.

“We know our consumers are after a roll-on that dries quickly, leaves them smelling good, makes them feel attractive plus, and very importantly, keeps up with their active lifestyle. This is exactly what we’ve delivered with our new roll-ons.”

Clere For Men Active roll on
The roll-ons are available in three all-new masculine fragrances, Fresh Cooling, Fresh Energy and Invisible Dry

The right roll-on for you

Finding the best roll-on for you is an essential step in your daily hygiene routine to control body odour and keep sweat at bay. Roll-ons use a ball-type applicator to spread the anti-perspirant formula over your skin evenly. While you may not think there is a wrong or right way to apply your roll-on, Ndlovu adds you’ll be surprised at how some small application changes can make the world of difference.

Ndlovu’s tips to make the most of your roll-on

Start fresh – For maximum all-day protection, make sure your underarms are clean and dry before applying roll-on. If your roll-on contains anti-perspirant, apply it the night before. Night-time application gives the anti-perspirant time to soak into your skin’s sweat ducts and helps protect you from perspiring the next day.

Towel off – Make sure your underarms are completely dry before you apply roll-on. Your skin’s sweat glands can absorb the anti-perspirant better when applied to dry skin.

Shake well – Give your roll-on a good shake to make sure the active ingredients coat the ball correctly.

Apply evenly – Swipe the ball back and forth until you’ve covered the surface of your underarm with a thin layer of roll-on. Usually, three or four strokes are just right for great coverage.

Air dry – Give your underarms a few seconds to dry before you get dressed. This extra step helps ensure that the product absorbs correctly. Always give your roll-on time to dry on your skin before you do anything active that may cause you to perspire.

Additional tip:

Keep a spare roll-on in your gym or work bag – Heading to the gym or for a run after work? And then a romantic dinner with your partner straight after? Keep a roll-on in your bag for quick application after your shower so you look and smell fresh.

The Clere For Men Active roll-ons range is available at Pick n Pay, Spar and PEP stores nationwide for a RRSP of R13.99

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