CMS encourages members of medical schemes to take charge

By Janice Roberts

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As the regulator of the medical schemes industry, the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) says it would like to encourage the members of medical schemes to take charge of the affairs of their medical schemes by attending their medical scheme’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

“With the slogan, ‘My health, my medical scheme’, we encourage the members of medical schemes to take charge of their health by attending their particular medical scheme’s AGM for 2016,” said Daniel Lehutjo, Acting Chief Executive and Registrar of CMS. Furthermore, Lehutjo encourages members to play an active role in the affairs of their medical schemes.


Generally, medical schemes issue a notice to their members to convene the AGM. The notice normally contains important information such as the agenda for the meeting (i.e. list of issues to be discussed) and the relevant supporting documents pertaining to the issues to be discussed at the AGM.

The AGMs typically feature:

. a presentation on the Annual Financial Statements;

. the appointment of external auditors;

. the election of persons to serve on the Board of Trustees (where applicable);

. a report from the Principal Officer (from an operational perspective) and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees (from an oversight perspective); and

.other matters (e.g. motions raised by members in writing prior to the meeting, member related concerns about the affairs of the scheme, etc).

In this regard, members of medical schemes are encouraged to:

  • carefully read beforehand, the information contained in the AGM information pack as this will allow members to get a good idea of the priorities of the scheme; and
  • ensure that they familiarise themselves with the rules of their medical scheme as they have a direct bearing on how the AGM is conducted (scheme rules can be obtained by accessing the relevant medical scheme’s website or by requesting a copy of the rules directly from the medical scheme prior to the AGM).

“We want to emphasise the responsibility that members have in the business of their scheme, and for them to proudly take on this responsibility and affirm that it is indeed ‘my health and my medical scheme’,” concluded Lehutjo.

In addition to publishing the AGM dates on the CMS website, a Facebook and Twitter campaign will also be implemented.




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