Colours to Enhance Healthcare Spaces

In buildings where the focus is on health and wellbeing, people need soothing, restorative spaces that can help them recuperate. Discover how subtle and consoling Studio colours can bring softness and comfort to every part of a healthcare space.

  1. Create a calming entrance

First impressions count and, in a healthcare space, you want to create a calm feel to help patients and visitors feel relaxed. Here subtle Studio colours have been combined to create a visually interesting interior that feels restful and easy on the eye.

  • Make a stand-out exterior

Warm and inspiring, complementary Studio colours can soften the feel of an exterior and make it more appealing. Here, subtle blues and pinks balance out the hard lines of a glass façade to create a welcoming impression.

  • Add warmth and personality

Restorative Studio colours can add warmth and softness to a clinical healthcare environment and help patients, visitors and staff switch off and de-stress. Here, soft blue, pink and lilac are set against richer colours to bring personality to a communal cafeteria area.

  • Bring comfort with colour

Visitors to healthcare spaces spend much of their time in communal areas such as waiting rooms, so it’s important to make these feel comfortable and welcoming. Here a combination of soft Studio colours creates a relaxed feel in a visitors’ room.

  • Find the perfect balance

Subtle and consoling Studio colours, used with Bright SkiesTM, can bring softness and balance to a space, helping people recuperate. Here, the combination of colours adds warmth to a patient room that might otherwise feel cold and clinical.


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