Compact Bathroom Solutions

Duravit’s advice and tips for creating a sense of space in a compact bathroom.

Wall-hung furniture helps to visually enlarge small bathrooms, while a mirror placed opposite a window also creates the illusion of space.

In small bathrooms, it is important to make the best use of space. For example, you can create storage space at the washing area in the form of drawers. Furniture washbasins in combination with a wall-mounted washbasin also provide plenty of storage space not only in the drawer, but also on the ceramic. Additional storage space can be used by taking advantage of the height of the room with tall cabinets.

To visually enlarge the bathroom, especially wall-hung furniture looks more airy. To create the illusion of space, if the small bathroom has a window, a mirror can be placed opposite. Thus, the incident light is reflected, the room is visually brighter and also appears more spacious due to the reflections. Glossy surfaces on furniture, in combination with intelligent room design, can also influence the feeling of space. Glossy furniture fronts reflect light and add depth and a sense of spaciousness even to bathrooms with smaller floor plans.

The choice of intelligent product combinations also plays an important role. Instead of choosing a toilet and bidet separately, a shower toilet, the combination of both, can be installed. The SensoWash ® Starck f shower toilet, for example, thus not only saves a lot of space but also offers maximum convenience. Convenient to operate by remote control, freely configurable via the SensoWash ® app, both variants impress with a minimalist design.

The shape of the bathtub can also help create the illusion of space. In addition to an attractive design, compact exterior dimensions and a variety of models such as back-to-wall or corner versions, Duravit bathtubs offer flexibility in space planning. For example, the glossy Happy D.2 Plus acrylic bathtubs, optionally with seamless acrylic cladding in Graphite Supermatt or White, are the visual highlight in any bathroom.

To save space, Shower + Bath can also be used as a multifunctional product offering maximum comfort and attractive design. Shower + Bath combines modern bathroom design and optimal use of space in one product. As a shower, high-quality bathtub, seat and shelf, the new shower and bath combination combines several functions in one. Ergo: a great space advantage, even in small bathrooms, and more design freedom in bathroom planning. Optionally, the fixed shower enclosure is mirrored, which is then a practical full-length mirror that makes even small rooms appear larger.

When choosing suitable tiles, it is advisable to use them sparingly, so that they give the room more spaciousness, because free wall surfaces look more airy. Light pastel shades or light wood fit just as well, they make the “mini bathroom” look friendly and, depending on the shade, more spacious and open. Choose soft tones that visually fade into the background. Choose tiles that are color-coordinated with the furniture, so that the overall impression is more coherent and harmonious.
The same applies to the decoration as to the furniture. Used purposefully and discreetly, the spacious bathroom does not look oppressive. Starck T accessories therefore impress with their high-quality and well-proportioned design language, which is not obtrusive thanks to the concealed fastening system.

Invest in color-coordinated bathroom textiles such as towels in various sizes as well as rugs or bath mats. Color accents on individual items distract from the confines of the room. Choose decorative items from the same color family so everything looks uniform. Plants bring a refreshing look to the bathroom.

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