The concrete info centre that helped shape S.A. infrastructure and technology

The role Cement & Concrete SA’s Information Centre has played in providing knowledge for the sustainable infrastructural development of Southern Africa, and the training of top concrete technologists, cannot be calculated but must be immense given the scope of service provided, says Susan Battison, Senior Information Specialist for CCSA. 

ccsa info centre team
The Information Centre of Cement & Concrete SA stocks the largest collection of cement- and concrete-related reference works in Africa. Bryan Perrie (seated on left), CEO of CCSA, was pictured with the staff of the Centre. Susan Battison is seated next to Perrie with Bongani Methula and Kizzy Shipalana standing.

The Information Centre has steadily grown over the past 64 years and now has over 150 000 seminal reference items on cement and concrete, including information on the latest forms of, and new developments in, concrete.

Established in 1957 as part of Portland Cement Institute (PCI), the Centre has been a part of the PCI successors right through to the Cement & Concrete SA (CCSA), established in March this year. “The Centre has been a valuable and trusted source of information for hundreds of tertiary students who have become some of the world’s leading concrete technologists, and now occupy top positions at universities and industry bodies and companies in many corners of the world,” Battison states. 

She says placing a monetary value on the Information Centre’s unique collection is impossible. “It is the largest cement and concrete ‘library’ in Africa and, probably, the southern hemisphere. The true value of the collection lies in the information that has been gathered, and the true potential of this is only realised by accessing and using that information,” Battison states. “Despite revolutionary changes in information technology in recent years, the Information Centre collection has kept pace with the latest trends in information dissemination and remains a valuable resource on cement and concrete information.”

Part of the CCSA Information Centre’s services is the sale of the newly-published and acclaimed 10th edition of Fulton’s Concrete Technology, and titles such as Architectural Concrete, Concrete Basics for Building, Concrete Road Construction, Guide to the Common Properties of Concrete, Concrete Industrial Floors on the Ground, Fundamentals of Concrete, Farm Reservoirs and many more.  Other publications are listed on the website Books may be purchased directly from the Information Centre in Midrand or online at BidorBuy at

Hanlie Turner, Business Development Manager of CCSA, says the Information Centre handles the sale of all Cement & Concrete SA publications. “Members of Cement & Concrete SA are entitled to take out printed reference works and enjoy a discount on any publication purchased. The business model of the Information Centre has changed within the CCSA stable to be a ‘member-only’ library. Access to this invaluable collection of concrete technology reference works is highly valued by our members. In fact, the cost of membership of Cement & Concrete SA is insignificant when the value of information that could be accessed is considered,” Turner adds. 

For more information about the Information Centre, contact Susan Battison at [email protected] or, on joining CCSA, from Hanlie Turner at [email protected]

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