Consistently accurate coding for agrochemical products

Agrochemicals play an important role in global food production as they’re used to increase agricultural yields and protect crops from pests. However, because of their generally hazardous nature, operational logistics for their transportation and storage are particularly complex. Because of this, high-quality packaging coding is essential.

The continuous inkjet (CIJ) 9029 printer

The continuous inkjet (CIJ) 9029 printer from Markem-Image, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, is ideal for harsh conditions. It operates reliably, it’s easy to install, and its total cost of ownership is low. CIJ printers are ideal for printing onto HDPE, PET, and other bottle substrates because they offer superior print quality on rounded smooth surfaces. Additionally, accurate and consistent marking of batch codes and numbers, lot codes, and manufacture dates ensure brand owners remain within regulation guidelines.

For manufacturers who want a trustworthy printer that helps secure products with quality, cost-effective codes; assurance that equipment is easy to order, install, use, and maintain; and coding that can quickly be brought online, even after storage and in challenging environments, the 9029 is ideal.

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) 9029 printer
The continuous inkjet (CIJ) 9029 printer from Markem-Image

Key benefits include:

  • Easy installation.
  • Quality, cost-effective coding.
  • The 9029 can be moved anywhere it’s needed thanks to its robust IP55 fully stainless-steel design.
  • Messages are easy to create and implement.
  • Creating and uploading codes is quick, thanks to its user interface and USB connection.
  • It’s easy to run and smart to operate. The M6’ all-in-one ink circuit runs for approximately 8 000 hours*, and the time it takes to change consumables is fully optimised. Changeover takes less than six minutes and no additional maintenance is needed.
  • This coder’s intuitive online guide makes managing daily coding highly efficient.

Print features include up to four lines of print at a speed of 4.4m/s, and font heights from 5 to 24 dots. Character heights range from 1.8 to 8.7mm with a wide array of character options. The message library stores up to 100 messages, and the WYSIWYG backlit blue screen offers an international operator interface with a choice of 31 languages.

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For manufacturers, the demand for diversity may result in increasing the average number of SKUs, which means managing more small-batch orders without compromising on quality control or production speed.
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