Effective and reliable preservation for personal care products

With the global shift towards softer, sustainable ingredients, Arxada develops and manufactures a broad portfolio of differentiated consumer microbial control products and solutions that address the growing need for more sustainable preservation.

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The name Arxada is a relatively new to the personal care industry. It came about when Lonza Specialty Ingredients rebranded in 2021. Today, Arxada is a global science-based specialty chemicals business creating innovative chemistry and solutions. The company recently appointed Savannah Fine Chemicals as its exclusive distribution partner in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Consumer Microbial Control (CMC) is Arxada’s largest business unit, comprising home and personal care, professional hygiene, crop protection and other application areas. CMC develops and manufactures a broad portfolio of differentiated consumer microbial control products and solutions that address the growing need for more sustainable preservation.

Consumer protection is key

It is a priority for every personal care brand on the market to keep consumers safe from product contamination when using their products.

Arxada’s experts capture all restrictions and regulatory changes relating to preservative use in finished formulations to ensure the necessary requirements are in place for consumer safety.

Its personal care portfolio provides a range of preservative systems of single active and blended preservatives, many of which comply with ECOCERT, COSMOS, and NATRUE, and are generally recognised as safe (GRAS).

For customers looking for ‘natural’ preservation (up to pH 6), there are two options:

  1. GEOGARD® LSB (formerly TroyCare LSB1), which is 80% naturally derived.
  2. GEOGARD ULTRA (71% naturally derived).

Organic acid preservation has become increasingly popular across the globe as formulators move away from traditional chemistries that have come under pressure from regulators and consumers. There are five options for customers looking for softer preservation:

  3. GEOGARD 221
  5. GEOGARD 111A and 111S.

Next-generation preservation

GEOGARD ULTRA is a synergistic blend of gluconolactone and sodium benzoate, providing broad spectrum protection and ease of formulation. The glucanolactone in this blend works together with sodium benzoate to act as an efficient booster that also delivers moisturisation to the end application providing true multifunctional benefits. This preservative system is an ideal choice for the naturally minded formulator. It is suitable for sun, hair, baby and skin care applications, as well as wet wipes, deodorants and colour cosmetics.

Studies were carried out using different concentrations of GEOGARD ULTRA in various formulations to test the efficacy against various bacteria and fungi. All samples were inoculated at the beginning of the study, and sampled at 7, 14 and 28 days. The bacterial pool consisted of S.aureus, P.aeruginosa and E.coli, and the fungal pool of C.albicans and A.brasiliensis.

Broad spectrum preservation

GEOGARD ECT is a unique, patented combination of benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerine and sorbic acid, which are well accepted in a wide range of personal care products.

The novel composition of this antimicrobial blend offers low cost in use coupled with broad spectrum protection against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, yeast and moulds at wide pH ranges. GEOGARD ECT also has far reaching global regulatory acceptance for personal care products.

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