Contemporary Flooring Options From Saint-gobain Weber

Saint-Gobain Weber floor screeds

Saint-Gobain Weber floor screeds bring flair and function to any space with their sought-after “Industrial Chic” look.

When it comes to designing a space, it’s important to consider the flooring options available today. Saint-Gobain Weber share insights into the popular use of floor screeds, a unique flooring style, which brings flair and function to any space and achieves the “Industrial Chic” look that is highly sought-after globally and seems to be gaining traction in South Africa.  Weber brings you one step closer to achieving this easily.

Saint-Gobain Weber are committed to providing a comprehensive range of flooring solutions for the industrial, commercial, speciality and residential markets. Their solution includes products for surface preparation of a floor before application, various floor screed options as well as sealers and cleaners.

It is important to consider the space before a suitable flooring option is selected, Saint-Gobain Weber screeds are specially designed for various scenarios.

Saint-Gobain Weber recommend a screed that is typically self-levelling and fast drying, designed to provide an uncompromised underlayment for any finished floor. Using the Weber WB300 underlay self-levelling screed before tiles, carpets or vinyl is applied, will extend the life and improve the performance of the finished floor. For warehousing and industrial spaces, Weber have a pump-able, rapid setting self-levelling screed, which can bear very heavy traffic and load weights.

A Weber Design Floor screed can get you as close as possible to a through colour finished floor, which has become a firm favourite in contemporary residential and specialty projects, including retail spaces such as showrooms and more recently in homes.

Its continuous appearance makes them ideal for open-plan layouts where various areas of the home will flow seamlessly into one another. It is luxurious underfoot and if Politerm blu is added during application, will bear the room’s ambient temperature making it warm in winter and cool in summer. The simplicity of the product helps create the feeling of space, especially with a glossy or polished finish, it is available in a carefully selected colour range that will suit almost any space.

“Screeds are rapidly being adopted as an alternative flooring option, as consumers have become far more astute when it comes to décor & design options available to them.

At Weber we want to partner with industry professionals from the onset of the design of the space to be able to create beautiful flooring. We offer a turnkey flooring solution, sharing our knowledge of market research outcomes and international trends when it comes to selecting the right product for the desired finish,” explains Ramielle De Jager, Product Manager Flooring at Saint-Gobain Weber.

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