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Founded in 2012 in South Africa, Skynamo is now a field sales technology provider with a global presence. As the leading field sales technology provider with close to 10 000 users at nearly 1 000 companies across Southern Africa, Australasia, the UK, Europe and the US, it increases sales efficiency with tools and data analytics to support effective planning, management and decision-making.

What is Skynamo?


Skynamo is the all-in-1 field sales CRM and ordering app of choice, used widely by food and beverage manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who sell to an existing customer base. Its key features include, at-customer order processing, automation of administrative tasks, capturing of customer interactions on mobile devices, and integration with a wide range of ERP and accounting software to improve order accuracy and fulfilment.

Skynamo enables field sales teams to focus on what really matters: selling, capturing orders and building unbreakable relationships with your customers. It seamlessly integrates with existing accounting, inventory or ERP solutions to provide the sales team with a solution tailored to their unique day-to-day needs, without disrupting existing processes. If anything, Skynamo will help you simplify business processes.

Who is Skynamo for?

Skynamo is used by manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors of products, with sales teams who visit and sell to customers on an ongoing basis to maintain relationships and process orders. The system enables reps to accurately prioritise their account visits, plan their route and day in the most efficient way possible, seamlessly recall and track all client communications, and streamline onsite information-gathering and order submission.

Skynamo can be accessed via both the mobile sales app for Field Sales Reps and the web app for Managers and Office-based Sales Support Teams. Their mobile app for field sales uses data and information gathered via GPS technology to automate administrative tasks, improve productivity and customer service in the field and increase orders. Field sales reps use Skynamo to enhance their relationships with their customers, capture orders and minimise the time wasted on admin.

Managers and office-based sales support teams get web-based desktop access to Skynamo functionality. Managers can view real-time activity updates, reports, a dashboard on key performance indicators and answer questions about sales rep performance, sales projections, and problem areas in a sales organisation. Sales managers log into the Skynamo web app to keep track of what is happening in the field and to get reports on the performance of the team that reports to them.

What Skynamo customer’s say

“Everyone’s got access to the information. We’ve got a merchandising manager who can sit and check stores from within the office. If there’s anything that we’re not happy with, we can place it on that person’s Skynamo calendar, which will tell him what needs to be fixed on his next store visit. He, in turn, also captures a whole bunch of data when he’s in the store, which comes back to us. So, we all have access to the same data. And we’re all feeding that data all the time.”

Jamie Binsbergen, Director
Jayed Products and Services (Multi-industry Goods Distributor)

“The major benefit Skynamo delivers is keeping track of sales activity. It helps our field sales reps to keep tabs on things, and it also reminds them if they have tasks they need to do. And as a back-office user I find it very easy to use. It’s easy for me to get the reports that I’m looking for. Everything is at the click of a button.”

Nobesuthu Sibanda, Sales Support Manager
McNab’s (Foods, Drinks & Supplements Manufacturer)

“Skynamo orders pull through automatically because we have an integrated system. So, invoicing happens immediately, and it goes straight to the warehouse – all within minutes – and the warehouse has the instruction to deliver. Because things happen faster, there’s more time in the day to see more customers. Before Skynamo, the reps were seeing at most eight people a day. Now I’ll easily see 11 to 14 visits a day. It’s phenomenal.”

Yvette Rowland, National Sales Support Manager
Profumi D’Italia (Wines and Liquor Importer and Distributor)

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