Coschem AGM marks another good year for the society

Members of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Coschem) gathered at its premises on 11 February for its AGM, which also marked the society’s first anniversary at the LifestyleRiverfrontOffice Park in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg.

Outgoing Coschem 2015 president, Conny Obberauter, kicked off proceedings with her friendly welcome of everyone in attendance.

The society’s treasurer, Roy Gardiner, presented his report on Coschem’s financials for 2015. Apart from noting its healthy cash flow, he revealed that membership fees remained the highest source of income for Coschem at 37 per cent.

Gardiner also shared an update on the IFSCC, which is the worldwide federation dedicated to international cooperation in cosmetic science and technology. ‘Although South Africa applied to host the secretarial office for 2016, the vote went to the US,’ he commented. ‘In more exciting news, we have put in a bid to host the 2028 IFSCC Congress, and are up against Korea, which has also applied.’

Gardiner closed his discussion, mentioning he has been accepted onto the IFSCC’s international board as honourary auditor.

A word from the top

In her president’s report, Obberauter shared a light hearted overview of the society’s various highlights during the past 12 months.

‘In 2015 we hosted many successful external and internal events,’ she said. ‘We introduced web-based learning for our seminars, for delegates based in Durban and Cape Town, and with the introduction of a sub-committee for our Cape Town chapter, a great deal of positive activities have been taking place.’

She also thanked the various committees, including the education, scientific, PR, social and seminar committees for their hard work and dedication to leveraging brand Coschem throughout 2015.

In closing, Obberauter handed over to Lyndsay Calenbourne, who is the incumbent president for 2016.

The strong and supportive team

To end off formalities, Calenbourne shared a few encouraging words and revealed the members of the 2016 Coschem council. They include:

  • Jill Gardiner
  • Allison Barty
  • Lyndsay Calenborne
  • Roy Gardiner, who has been re-elected honorary treasurer
  • Gillian Kuhn
  • Kim MacCallum
  • Conny Oberrauter
  • Roshelle Serpaul
  • Kirsten Scott, who has been elected vice president
  • Wayne van Wyk, who has been re-elected honorary secretary
  • Janine Wilson
  • Ivor Zwane
  • Ronald Makola, who is from Amka and new on the council.

Shanaaz Samsodien will continue as chair of the Cape Town chapter while Erica de Kock remains in office as the KwaZulu-Natal chapter’s chair.

The society’s 2015 annual report and financial statements are available for download on the Coschem website



Conny Obberauter and Lyndsay Calenbourne

Rene Spada, Roshelle Serpaul and Kim MacCallum

 Michael-Butt-and-Allison-Barty Kirsten-Scott-Janine Wilson-and-Lee-Ann-Raaff

Michael Butt and Allison Barty 

Kirsten Scott, Janine Wilson and Lee-Ann Raaff

Ettiene-Retief-Conny Obberauter-and-Roy-Gardiner

Ettiene Retief, Conny Obberauter and Roy Gardiner

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