Creating real sustainability 

With a global shift towards sustainability and environmental consciousness, the manufacturing, mining and marine market segments are increasingly seeking greener alternatives.  

Significant developments have been made through innovation in turning to green solutions. Even in a tough economic environment, manufacturers are continuing to make a difference in the creation of sustainable products.  

Spanjaard, for example, has taken note of and responded to the market with its Enviro Gear Lubricant (EGL 1280), specially formulated with the environment in mind for use in manufacturing, mining, and marine environments. 

EGL 1280 can provide savings in electricity costs over traditional asphaltic lubricants, due to improved lubricant properties and a reduction in heat build-up. The major win, however, is when compared to conventional asphaltic based open gear lubricants, EGL 1280 is much kinder to the environment. Waste grease is non-hazardous and can be disposed of in the same way as any other non-hazardous lubricant. Compared to other Synthetic Open Gear Lubricants on the market, users can expect to reduce their lubricant costs significantly, which translates into a considerable saving on lubrication/maintenance costs. In the event of unintentional/accidental release into water sources, EGL 1280 will not harm aquatic life. The diluent used is also environmentally friendly having an extremely low global warming potential and low ozone-depleting potential. This specialised product is bitumen and lead-free, protects against corrosion, and is an environmentally acceptable alternative with low water hazard base fluids. 

The development tests of EGL 1280 were conducted in independent outside laboratories such as The University of Pretoria, SABS and L.G.I, and all the results proved the product efficacious. EGL has multipurpose applications in the lubrication of heavy-duty open gears of ball and rod mill drives in the mining industry. In marine conditions; where water and corrosion cause problems, EGL 1280 works on slow-moving, plain bearings, pins, bushes, ring gears and slides as well as winch open gears, bearings and ropes. The colour of EGL is a radiant amber, however, it is a clear product when applied, which will improve the ease of mill inspections as any wear on the gears can be easily identified, without the need to first clean the gear teeth. 

EGL 1280 has an excellent load-carrying capacity with a four-ball, weld load result of 800kg, and passes FZG load stage 12. This high value is achievable due to the high film strength of the complex ester-based fluids and the unique combination of extreme pressure additives used. Although EGL 1280 is formulated from high-quality complex esters, it is a very cost-effective product when compared to other environmentally friendly synthetic open gear lubricants.  

For over 60 years, companies worldwide have continued to rely on Spanjaard Limited’s special lubricants and allied chemical products to help meet their unique requirements. With a range of over 150 specialised products that have been uniquely tried, tested and developed using the latest technology, you are sure to find a product that is ideally suited to your unique requirements and applications. 

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