Crispy delivery chips are finally here! #crispyondelivery

There’s nothing better than seeing a portion of hot, delicious and crispy chips on the table! Whether it’s sitting down at your favourite casual dining restaurant or delivered off premise, chips are a perfect accompaniment to any meal and are still South Africans favourite side*, playing a vital role in the eating out experience. McCain SureCrisp is here to completely revolutionise your customers’ chip experience.

McCain SureCrisp
McCain SureCrisp

McCain SureCrisp is the new plant-based coated chip that holds its crispiness for up to 30 minutes**, allowing chips to be served crispy and delicious, the way they’re meant to be served.

Given that delivery and takeaway has grown in big strides over the last couple of months, McCain SureCrisp is especially good for off premise dining, ensuring that in-restaurant experience, at home, every time, meaning that now your customers can enjoy crispy delicious chips anywhere.

The extra holding time ensures you can consistently maximise consumer satisfaction and loyalty – even with delivery and takeaways – and in so doing increase your order rate and profits. They are the perfect frozen-at-its-freshest chip for use in in family dining, casual dining restaurant, quick service restaurant, fast casual, food on the run and in-store deli channels.

McCain SureCrisp is certified Halaal and Kosher, contain no allergens and meets the requirements for a vegetarian diet.

*Source: Kantar Consumer Research – September 2019

**Source: Sensory Testing for Crispness, Texture Analyser – August 2019

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