Cutting-edge Olympus Xcellence

Olympus Xcellence range of research microscope systemsOlympus has a highly versatile range of cutting-edge research microscope systems. The Xcellence line covers advanced live cell techniques such as real-time high-speed imaging, TIRFM & HILO (cell-TIRF), photo control such as FRAP, FLIP and photo activation (cell-FRAP), and laser spinning disc confocal (cell-SPIN). More importantly, the Olympus Xcellence range takes these techniques to the extreme via a complete series of new and innovative features that ensure researchers can continue breaking new ground in science.

The Olympus Xcellence live cell imaging system range is designed to bring the most advanced fluorescent imaging techniques within easier reach, whilst pushing the very boundaries of optical imaging. The Unix-based controller provides the high-speed parallel component management required to ensure that each procedure can capture the most advanced data.

The Xcellence software includes the Experiment Manager, a universal planning and execution tool with logic and simple drag-and-drop experiment construction.

Olympus Xcellence provides the ultimate system for imaging live cells over prolonged periods of time. Combined with the Olympus MT20 fluorescence light source, it provides highly stabilised mercury or mercury-xenon burner control with very fast filter, attenuator and shutter changes. The Xcellence software also offers Olympus Data Bus (ODB) enhanced controls for a broader spectrum of hardware including laser linking for fast switching and precise control of laser lines. Furthermore, the system now incorporates multiple high-speed (µsec) bi-directional TTL communication ports, greatly expanding the hardware integration capacity.

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