Keeping it cool, for all leisure-oriented applications

Daikin climate solutions create comfortable environments for your visitors and reduce your operating costs using energy-efficient technologies.

Keep the gym cool with Daikin ventilation systems and climate control solutions

Daikin’s leisure climate solutions are the perfect match for your leisure activities. Whether it is burning off energy at the gym or wining and dining the stress away. Daikin has the right product with features and technologies to suit any leisure applications.

Heating, cooling and hot water solutions interlinked with the Variable Refrigerant Technology, you can relax and keep it cool, because Daikin has it sorted.

Gym & Spa

The heat recovery ventilation systems recover energy from the exhaust air and keep fresh air circulating throughout the building. This removes stale air and odours. You may choose to readjust humidity levels to your preference. For large volumes of hot water, Daikin heat pumps generate efficiently to keep showers, baths and steam rooms running at all times.

Museums & Exhibitions

Precise and smart control of air quality is easy with Daikin’s online controllers. Keep a stable temperature and humidity level to protect historical artefacts and valuable works of art.


Daikin offers solutions for restaurants with different cooling needs. Chilled wines are maintained at their precise temperature, and guests dine in complete comfort.


Large-scale chillers and airside equipment to maintain a healthy and comfortable climate at sporting or musical events. Fresh air is circulated throughout the entire stadium.

It just goes to show that BIG or small, Daikin is highly equipped and ready to help you. In these leisure environments comfort is key and total efficiency guaranteed. Cut costs and consumption with Daikin’s renewable solutions. Heat recovery and reduce the business carbon footprint with the control systems. Heating, cooling and hot water solutions for buildings of all sizes, new builds and expansions, as well as replacements and upgrades to your current system. Find the right fit for your Leisure business.

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