Daikin's Newest Chiller Pushes Boundaries

EWAD-TZB-(1)Daikin’s newest chiller is set to outperform the market. The latest addition to its industry-leading portfolio of air-cooled chillers, the EWAD-TZ B offers even greater flexibility and choice with outstanding energy performance.

The newest generation in air-cooled chillers pushes the boundaries of design to meet the challenges of green building efficiencies and new legislation, through the application of advanced technologies resulting in a host of unique new features, offering EER values up to 3.9 and ESEER values of up to 5.7.

From a pedigree of chillers

Daikin’s new highly advanced chiller adds to a generation of trailblazing HVAC products, designed to meet a full range of applications while offering solutions that are more efficient, quieter and greener than ever seen before. Since Daikin’s introduction a decade ago of the first inverter driven mini-chiller to the market, the HVAC specialist has continued to innovate with improvement in end-user efficiencies and flexibility in mind.

With ever-tightening legislation on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions, business owners face a number of challenges when replacing cooling and climate management systems. Daikin’s challenge has been to deliver systems that are competitively priced as well as more versatile. As manufacturer of both compressors and chillers Daikin can deliver the optimum design to meet the needs of the many different applications from comfort- to process-cooling. The new chiller’s predecessor, the EWAD-TZ launched in 2013, offered industrial and commercial users savings of up to 20% in running costs and carbon emissions compared with traditional chillers, thanks to its unique single screw compressor design with integrated inverter technology, which is at the heart of the Daikin’s chiller range. Together with the extension of the capacity range now covering from 170 kW up to 1100 kW the new generation TZ-B is introducing several new features and an extensive list of options and accessories to adapt the unit to specific needs.

Designed for maximum efficiency

EWAD-TZ B series is available with single compressor models up to 360 kW, while the dual compressor and dual circuits arrangement can be applied to higher capacities. The unique screw compressor design with refrigerant cooled inverter technology, has been combined with Variable Volume Ratio technology (VVR), which allows compressors to modify their own geometry, varying the condenser pressure charge to maintain the highest compression efficiency. Daikin’s compressor motors have been optimised to operate at different speeds, with selection of the most efficient motor per the nominal frequency of the chiller, to ensure the highest unit performance. Improved control logic for the economizer cycle control offers even more advantages and greater reliability. The advanced design of the heat exchangers uses the latest available technology to deliver a high heat transfer coefficient while minimizing pressure drops. With three available levels of efficiency combinable with three different sound configurations, customers are able to choose a bespoke solution to suit the customer’s needs.

The EWAD-TZ B chiller incorporates a new microchannel condenser coil, designed for high thermal efficiency of which up to 20 % of the total heat rejection of the chiller can be recovered.

No compromise

Additional accessories also allow end users to further adjust the new system to their specific needs, extending the applications range. These include rapid restart, a smart energy meter, total and partial heat recovery, variable speed pumps and master slave functionalities for multiple chiller applications.

Daikin chillers are assembled and factory tested before shipment and all controls are pre-wired, adjusted and tested to offer an almost ‘plug and play’ unit, even for larger installations where high cooling capacities are needed.

Whether used for a new or refurbishment project, the EWAD-TZ B chiller range is easy to service and maintain and comes with after-sales support from Daikin, including training and advice on selection, installation, commissioning and operation.

The chillers have user-friendly smart controls and can be integrated easily with building management systems, allowing installers and business owners to monitor performance and identify faults more easily.

Economic and accessible

Daikin’s chiller range offers rapid payback, within one (process cooling) to three (comfort cooling) years of installation. During the chiller’s lifecycle, the outstanding energy efficiency of Daikin TZ-B will bring to significant savings in ownership costs.

With various warranty options available, plus maintenance contracts on offer from Daikin’s installer network, business owners can rest-assure that they will have the support they need for their chiller system.

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