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Ingco Tools, a renowned brand in the world of hand and power tools, embarked on an extraordinary journey as they partnered with the Toyota Gazoo Racing team for the formidable Dakar Rally in 2023. Their collaboration was not only successful but also marked a significant achievement for the brand, as the Toyota Gazoo Racing team emerged victorious. In a thrilling turn of events, Ingco Tools has decided to amplify its support in 2024, making their sponsorship even bigger and better.

Angelo in the Toyota Gazoo Racing vehicle.

Toyota Gazoo Racing, with their slogan ‘pushing the limits for better’, truly embodies the spirit of daring and determination. Their Dakar vehicles, proudly South African and hand-built in Midrand by Hallspeed, undergo rigorous testing under extreme conditions. These vehicles are perfected for safety, as they must endure the harsh terrains and challenging environments of the Dakar Rally.   

Often, cars need to be rebuilt overnight in a desert Bivouac between stages, where no facilities exist. This is where Ingco Tools comes into play, with their battery-powered tools, ensuring that the necessary tasks can be performed even in the most remote locations.  

​​​The Dakar Rally is known for its gruelling conditions and the line-up for 2024 is as exciting as ever. The Toyota Gazoo Racing Team will field five cars at Dakar. Three of the cars will be driven by South Africans and two will be driven by new international drivers and navigators who are joining the team. Ingco Tools has taken on the role of main sponsor for the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team for the 2024 and 2025 racing season.​​  

In celebration of this momentous occasion, Ingco hosted a ‘Skillcraft Dakar Experience Corporate Day’ at the Legends MX Adventure Farm in November. This corporate day was designed to provide Ingco’s ​top 20 customers with an unparalleled bucket-list experience. Customers had the opportunity to ride in the world’s fastest rally raid cars and experience the pace of the Dakar Rally in real life.  

Dakar drivers ​Guy Botterill​ and Saood Variawa took customers on a thrilling ride around the demanding north and south rally tracks at Legends Adventure Farm. The experience was nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, as customers raced alongside these motorsport elites through muddy terrain, sharp corners, bumps, and more. All this was made possible by the local expertise of Hallspeed​ ​who was recognised by Toyota Japan as a manufacturer capable of taking on the world in both Rally Raid and the Dakar Rally.  

While Henk Lategan will be unable to compete in 2024 due to a crash that has left him side-lined for six months, the South African competitors are determined to take on the challenge in his absence. ​     ​​Guy Botterill and Saood Variawa have been honing their skills in preparation, practicing on the dunes in Dubai and subsequently heading to Namibia before the cars are flown to Saudi Arabia for the start of the Dakar.  

Team manager for Toyota Gazoo racing, Evan Hutchinson, was at the event and explained how the rally has become increasingly challenging over the years to prevent top teams from gaining an unfair advantage by mapping the route. Nowadays, drivers receive the route information only at the start of each stage. He also highlighted the logistics of the support team and the strict controls governing their interaction with the drivers. The daily Bivouac setup is a formidable operation, with the support team working around the clock to ensure the Dakar teams are in the best possible position to complete the race.  

Ingco Tools’ sponsorship brings a multitude of benefits to the table, including a reputable range of tools that ensures all safety standards are met. Their full range of hand and power tools, including essential tools for remote racing locations, such as vacuum​ cleaners​​​, pressure washers​ and​​     ​ blowers ​are invaluable. The battery-operated nature of these tools allows them to be used in locations without a power source. This is crucial as cars need overnight repairs in a Bivouac, and it’s imperative that the technical team has reliable and high-quality tools at their disposal, as they work tirelessly for an average of eight hours a day.  

In 2023, Ingco management had the privilege of attending the last few days of the Dakar Rally, immersing themselves in the spectacle and excitement of this immensely popular event. They’re set to attend the 2024 event as well, accompanied by ​six selected ​people from Ingco’s top 10 customers ​who will witness the Dakar Rally up close and personal.  

The corporate day at the Legends MX Adventure Farm was a remarkable experience for the ​     ​customers who attended. Natalie Sanders from DIY & Industrial Trade News was also present​ and was lucky enough to get a ride in the car​. These participants now possess a newfound respect and understanding for the Dakar Rally, having experienced the intensity and thrill ​at this amazing corporate event.  

As Ingco Tools revs up team spirit, it’s clear that their commitment to excellence and unwavering support for the Dakar Rally is not only enhancing the racing experience but also creating memorable moments for their valued customers. The 2024 Dakar Rally promises to be an event to remember, and with Ingco Tools at the forefront, the future of this partnership looks incredibly promising.  


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