Demand for sparkling fruit water surges as consumers seek healthier water alternatives

As consumers seek healthier water alternatives, A1 Fruit Water – a premium natural sparkling fruit water with zero-calories – has rapidly begun to steal market share on SA shelves since launching in Q3 of 2020.

While the demand for sugar-laden soft drinks has been in steady decline over the past few years, the opposite has been true for the sparkling water category.

A1 Sparkling Water
The natural fruit infusion and flavours found in A1 Fruit Water are captured as a byproduct during the fruit concentrate manufacturing process

Strong growth 

Globally, brands in the sparkling water category are experiencing strong growth and South Africa is on the same course, due to the rise of health-conscious consumers in the country. In fact, according to consumers do not only want to drink products low in sugar, but they are looking for ingredients with health benefits.

Research from The International Food Information Council Foundation’s (IFIC) 2020 Food & Health Survey, conducted in April 2020, showed that nearly 1 in 10 consumers (9%) follow a clean-eating diet and 74% are cleaning up their beverage selection by limiting and avoiding sugars in the diet. Through A1 Fruit Water’s own market research it was found that from a sample of 1000 South African’s – 9 out of 10 say they are happy to pay for sugar-free, preservative-free and 0 calorie drinks.

Last year, A1 Fruit Water officially launched in the country, with their range of natural sparkling waters, infused with real African fruit. The natural sparkling fruit water range comes in three flavours; Mandarin, Lemon, and Grapefruit.

Local is lekker

Produced in South Africa, the offering is a healthy option for hydration; and is the only offering on shelf that can hold a claim to be sugar-free, vegan accredited, gluten free, diabetic friendly, 0 calories, sweetener and preservative-free. The natural fruit infusion and flavours found in A1 Fruit Water are captured as a byproduct during the fruit concentrate manufacturing process, which is how the natural flavours are infused into the sparkling water range.

“Our target market is a group of highly conscious and discerning drinkers who care about what they put in their bodies and how their brands of choice impact the world around them. We’re meeting their need for healthy hydration, from a mindful brand who cares about the sustainability and future of Africa.” says Jan Strydom, operations manager at ONE54 South Africa.

As a brand, A1 Fruit Water answers the sustainability call to live local and support local. A1 Fruit Water works with farming partners who are located in the sub-tropical mango and citrus producing region of Hoedspruit in the north of the country. Here, the supply chain and local factories are assisted by A1 Fruit Water through their purchasing of the byproduct from the fruit concentrate manufacturing process and thus push the supply and demand for fruit produce in the area.

“COVID-19, whilst obviously impacting everybody on the globe in one way or another has however accelerated trends that were emerging over the last few years. Sustainability, local supply chains, health, and e-commerce are areas that are rapidly evolving around the globe and we feel that A1 Fruit Water captures these trends in a locally made, guilt free sparkling water for the South African market, that can be sold through traditional and disruptive channels,” concludes Strydom.

A1 Fruit Water has national ambitions but has launched with a focus on the Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces with products on shelves at Pick n Pay, Spar, other independent retailers, as well as online at Takealot. 

RRP: R339.00 per case OR R16.99 per unit.

Available at Pick n Pay or shop on Takealot.

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