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Den Braven Wet on Wet

Time saving Wet on Wet sealant has been developed to be over painted immediately after application

Den Braven is a leader supplier of quality sealant and adhesives to the local and international markets. Its silicone sealants are in many cases the material of choice for industry and DIY users as well as hobbyists.

Silicone sealants are used as adhesives, sealants, coatings, heat insulators, and encapsulating material. Widely used in the construction, sanitary, DIY and industrial sectors where high quality seals, adhesion with high joint movement tolerances are required.

On 28 September members of the media and industry attended the introduction of Den Braven Wet on Wet at its office in Ferndale.

Time saving Wet on Wet sealant has been developed to be over painted immediately after application, while still wet, with water based and alkyd paints. It saves a huge amount of time, normally taken up by waiting for the sealant to dry prior to painting. Wet on Wet is a high quality emulsion based sealant which does not discolour or cause the paint to crack. Cracking often occurs when painting immediately over standard acrylic paintable sealants. Wet on Wet remains flexible after curing.

Wet on Wet’s compatibility with paint is ensured by Den Braven’s proven UCA* Technology (*Unique Compatibility Additives.) It was developed by selecting specialised additives and raw materials through dedicated research and development with paint manufacturers. The product has been put through stringent technical testing at Den Braven’s Centre of Excellence in Holland.

Wet on Wet is ideal for connecting joints requiring quick over painting such as between internal stairs, walls, ceilings, cornices, skirting boards, windowsills and wooden window frames.

Save time and money – do it right the first time with Den Braven’s range of superior sealant and adhesive solutions, used in construction, plumbing, glazing, automotive, woodwork, flooring and the painting industry, as well as by DIY enthusiasts throughout the world.

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