Design fraternity welcomes a.b.e. Waterproofing loading on REVIT

a.b.e.'s full range of waterproofing products now on Autodesk REVIT software

a.b.e.’s full range of waterproofing products now on Autodesk REVIT software

Ivor Boddington, a.b.e.’s Product Manager for concrete repairs, protection and general construction, says, “Autodesk REVIT is an innovative building information computer programme that has transformed building design from drawing flat sketches on paper to creating virtual, three dimensional designs.

It enables architects; structural engineers; mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers, designers and contractors to design a building and its components in three dimension, annotate the model with 2D drafting elements – such as waterproofing – and then access construction information from the building model’s database,”  stated Boddington.

“Three-dimensional modelling itself is not new but in the past 3D models would merely illustrate what a building would look like when completed. Now, thanks to the Autodesk REVIT programme, architects and other parties involved in designing and construction can plan ahead when it comes to the finer details of their design, including the annotation of the a.b.e. waterproofing the new structure will require.”

“The fact that a.b.e. waterproofing specifications can now be extracted and inserted to a project at the design stage means that the designers can automatically generate a Bill of Quantities containing all the products and measurements required, the extruded elevations to be provided for, as well as the final conceptual visualisation,” Boddington explained.

Autodesk REVIT enables designers to extract energy analyses and environmental impacts, as well as waterproofing requirements, prior to the construction of a building, thereby saving important additional unforeseen costs later in the construction schedule.

Boddington added that is planning to preload all other applicable a.b.e. products onto Autodesk REVIT software. This includes a.b.e.’s flooring, specialised adhesives, structural glazing, concrete repair, silicone and sealants, and construction commodity products.

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