Determine sodium content in food simply and quickly

The EasyPlus sodium analyser by Mettler Toledo

Current methods of measuring salt content in food products often determine only chloride levels, which can lead to inaccurate sodium measurements due to the presence of other chloride compounds, such as potassium chloride (KCl) in addition to sodium chloride (NaCl), likely to result in an over statement of sodium content. Similarly, alternative sodium sources may also be present that may show an under-report of sodium content.

Fast and accurate results

By directly measuring the harmful sodium concentrations rather than chloride levels, Mettler Toledo’s Excellence T-series titrators and dedicated EasyPlus sodium analyser provide simple, fast and accurate results in food laboratories and manufacturing processes.

Simple Na+ evaluation

The EasyPlus sodium analyser eliminates the need for expensive complex instruments. It uses an integrated and dedicated sodium (Na+) evaluation algorithm to deliver highly accurate and repeatable results that are comparable to those achieved using more complex analytical techniques for total sodium analysis. The sodium ions are measured directly without the need for calibration. Simplified sample preparation further reduces operator time and the required standards and reagents are cheaper, safer and available as ready-to-use solutions.

One instrument, many parameters

Similarly, the Excellence titration T-series now includes the above features. InMotion sample changers and dosing units may be added on to achieve full automation of the method. LabX software allows connectivity for data management and direct determination of a variety of other ions. Thus, sodium, potassium, chloride and other parameters can be determined, using a single instrument without compromise.

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