• DIY and Industrial Trade News - April 2020

    So, it finally happened. A virus that developed thousands of kilometres away from here has finally hit our shores. Infections have been reported in over 167 countries and what was initially brushed off as a hectic flu is now the greatest threat to the world since the Second World War.

    By the time you read this, we would all be in lockdown for 21 days as confirmed by President Cyril Ramaphosa on 23 March 2020.

    This is obviously a massive threat to the world economy, local economy and your livelihood. None of us will know how badly we will be infected – physically and economically, but what we do know is it will infect every single person personally. My heart goes out to each and every one of you who gets up early every morning to work hard and make ends meet.

    I ask you all that we will be patient and adhere to the restrictions in place and work as a collective to ‘flatten the curve’ of infections.

    I will personally spend the time at home with my wife, our two cats and two dogs, enjoying life as a family and get some things done around the house. DIY has always been a big hobby of mine and it is a big family affair when we turn the house upside down, fixing, painting and revamping.

    These circumstances are not conducive at all for business but it is for family and building stronger bonds.

    Putting this April issue together was no easy feat. We are so used to our office, discussing things over a cup of coffee and putting it all together at each other’s desks. Everything you see in this issue was completed over the Cloud, email and conference calls. It was all pretty new to us, even in this electronic age.

    I hope you will learn something new from this issue as much as we did compiling it. I also hope to sit in your office again soon, discussing the future and chatting about the past. In the meantime, visit our website www.diytradenews.co.za and our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/ DIYTradeNewsNMP where we will update you regularly on the latest developments in the trade.

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