• DIY and Industrial Trade News - August 2020

    I am sure all of you reading this will agree the true test of patience is a slow or no internet connection for no specific reason. This had been a part of my work from home experience over the past couple of weeks. We have high-speed fibre at home which has been working like a demon for years – until the power failures started. Not your usual load shedding, just power outages for hours without any explanation.

    So one cool winter’s morning we woke up again to yet another outage. After much cursing we decide – it will be our first outing to a coffee shop in many months.

    We arrived armed with laptops, sanitiser and masks. It will be breakfast, several coffee’s and complimentary Wi-Fi for the morning we tell the waiter. Inside, all surfaces are constantly sanitised, everyone is wearing masks, unless of course you are eating or drinking, with big spacious areas around us.

    The Wi-Fi performs as expected, we get our work done and check what we missed on social media – it says the world is falling apart, but we already know that. We pack away our laptops, order another coffee and chat to each other for a bit.

    Being out again was great, but sad at the same time. There was hardly anyone in the restaurant and then you realise the owner is probably doing whatever he can to keep the lights on. His staff has probably been cut, some on reduced pay, others relying on tips. It doesn’t take an accountant to figure out that only 20 visitors during a morning won’t make the business flourish.

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