• DiY and Industrial Trade News - September 2021

    Hardware stores are abuzz, and I see trolley loads of fertiliser, compost and garden tools leaving my favourite hardware store. It makes me happy to see this activity. It means it is almost possible to sit outside by the pool, braai and enjoy the best of weather we can expect in South Africa. Few things makes me as happy as my garden on a decent spring day.

    Hardware store owners, I hope you take note. If you are not ready for the spring frenzy by now, you are probably too late, but please flick through to page 28 and read the spring gardening tips and ideas provided by Gardena.

    Gardening provides a constant source of new projects for plant-lovers to get excited about – whether they’re newcomers or old hands. Every step of the process, from dreaming up new ideas through to planning and making them a reality, is filled with moments of insight and joy.

    It is essential to maintain the garden to look clean and fresh, especially during spring and summer, and these tips and ideas can aid every gardener, no matter the size of the project.

    I myself try my hand at gardening every now and again. I am your ideal client. Each year I buy a bunch of new plants and only the very strong survive, so I buy more. Let’s just say I wasn’t born with green fingers. Last season however, I started planting grass and by the end of the season it seemed strong and healthy.

    Anyway, enjoy this issue and let us know what you think of it. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for your ‘Product of the Year’ and in the ‘DIY Awards 2021’.

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