• Food Review April 2018

    The food and beverage industry is dynamic and subject to a constantly changing regulatory, quality and safety framework. I recently attended ABB’s Customer World Africa 2018, held in Sandton, Johannesburg. At the show, latest innovations to digitise manufacturing were on display. I chatted to Marcus Brettschneider, general manager of global food and beverage applications at the company. He noted that while challenges vary considerably across the continent, the most critical goal is to drive robotics and automation within manufacturing. This will assist ingredient suppliers, processors and manufacturers to quantify quality and ease traceability. The time is right to invest in technology to control the quality of production lines and leverage opportunities from a raw material perspective. This is the only way of staying competitive with international manufacturers.
    In Meat Matters this month, we bring you the latest innovations in high volume production for formed meat and meat replacement products. We also look at Baader Meat (page 15) and how it differs from mechanically separated meat.

    Staying with transparent traceability – complexity of detection during spice adulteration makes the condiments industry vulnerable to fraud. This conclusion was drawn from a study published in the Food Control journal. Turn to page 24 now to find out how SSAFE’s food fraud vulnerability tool and The Knowledge Centre for Food Fraud and Quality launched by the EU can assist in ensuring products are safe for consumption. Food Review also spoke to Friedel Spies of ID Logistics about the highly competitive fresh food supply chain and what the company is doing to deliver fresh and quality goods to consumers (page 28).

    The listeria outbreak is still dominating headlines. South Africa’s dairy industry is taking robust steps to ensure programmes are in place to offset another occurrence. In addition to reviewing cleaning and sanitation schedules, re-evaluating personal hygiene and maintenance, industry should also implement a listeria environmental monitoring programme. On page 35 Linda Jackson, food safety guru par excellence, highlights some of the most important aspects to consider.

    Personalised packaging and tailored labels that resonate with end-users can increase shelf shout and presence. PACKAGING REVIEW brings you the latest trends in the rapidly evolving labels industry and all the latest news to keep you in the loop.

    I hope you enjoy this edition. As always, we welcome your input and suggestions.

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