• Healthcare Design 2020

    Healthcare construction involves some incredible numbers, with the estimated global spend reaching upwards of $400 billion and it is a sector that will continue to grow. Considering the changing local healthcare landscape, it is the ideal opportunity to inform architects, construction companies, quantity surveyors as well as healthcare practitioners from all areas of South Africa, looking to expand their operations, make additions, implement new technology and equipment for some of the country’s leading products.

    Our team went one step further and we invite you to read about the hospital facility in Singapore, where Jerry Ong, the architect for the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital developed a concept, Better healthcare experience with architecture, Hospital in a garden.

    Ong’s idea to build the hospital between two parks and create a large entrance garden that draws in nature thus creating a facility that heals with nature. Using a water feature, light, natural ventilation and an urban farm, the building provided a relaxing environment for the users, one where your blood pressure would drop when you arrive. You can read about this incredible development on page 62.

    We also explored the benefits of standing desks and the impact a change in our working habits can have on the health of employees. A stunning concept for reception area staff or other areas of healthcare design. And with government promising increased infrastructure development, this free guide might be the perfect companion to your continued success.

  • Bathroom fittings, medical sanitaryware & drainage
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    Furniture, fittings & equipment
    HVAC Services
    Medical, laboratories and fixtures
    Lighting, communications & electronic equipment
    Ceilings, roofing & insulation
    Security & access control
    Walling & partitions

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