Discover Phoenix PoolView

The Phoenix PoolView Range from Phoenix Fenestration & Glass transforms any glass rim flow panel into a focal point
Macquatix recently completed this project using the Phoenix PoolView range from Phoenix Fenestration & Glass. Phoenix Fenestration & Glass considers Macquatix industry leaders when it comes to the supply and installation of the Phoenix PoolView range

Glass has an inherent beauty attached to it whilst maintaining its ability to perform functionally and structurally. Such an example of this can be found in the Phoenix PoolView Range, a truly remarkable product when one considers the conditions under which this glass must consistently perform. You only need to see one installation to appreciate how this product becomes the focal point, augmenting the surrounding elements effortlessly.

There are many factors to consider when a client has opted to incorporate a glass rim flow panel into their swimming pool. From a safety perspective it is of paramount importance that an engineer specify the glass configuration, as the installation will ultimately need sign off from a compliance and safety perspective. Absolute clarity is an unquestionable requirement, and for this reason Phoenix Fenestration & Glass only utilises Low Iron Glass, purely because the glass is renowned for its optical characteristics and clarity which is evident in the project showcased.

Precision cutting and bright polished edges are key components when processing toughened laminated products because it is critical that the glass layers are identical. We achieve this by using automated CNC cutting and polishing equipment. What is unimaginable with a single pane of glass is made possible by lamination. Laminated safety glass is as reliable as it is common, and in this instance the individual glass plates are subjected to a tempering process (5x stronger than normal annealed glass) and then laminated to one another using a unique interlayer that portrays the same clarity as the Low Iron Glass. The interlayer features load bearing properties as well as prevention of moisture ingression.

Phoenix Fenestration & Glass are manufacturers of high performing glass products that are used extensively across a variety of sectors including military, security, mining, commercial and residential.

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