Discovery Invest Announces 2022 Retirement Summit, featured speakers

Discovery Invest has announced its inaugural retirement conference, the Discovery Invest Retirement Summit, which is a live hybrid event scheduled to take place on the 25th of January 2022. The Summit will bring together an exclusive gathering of internationally renowned speakers to explore the trends, opportunities and challenges that are shaping today’s retirement landscape.

Financial advisers will gain insights on the behavioural science behind better retirement choices, rethinking retirement to ensure financial security for a growing number of retirees, and for future generations, how shared value is transforming financial services and more. Through engaging keynotes and panels, participants will hear about the opportunities and challenges facing the global retirement industry. Additionally, attendees will receive online access to a rich database of research and speaker content.

Below are some of the speakers, more to be announced soon:

  • Dr Sara Carnazzi Weber from Credit Suisse Research Institute in Switzerland: Author of the paper, Rethinking retirement, will discuss her research and highlights the significant gaps that exist in retirement planning around the world.
  • Andrew J Scott from the London Business School: Author of The-100-year-life to unpack the societal changes needed to support longer lifespans and how our decisions will be changed by increasingly longer lives.
  • Katy Milkman from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania: Behavioural scientist and professor to explore the way that insights from economics and psychology can be used to change people’s behaviours to achieve better outcomes.

“The Discovery Invest Retirement Summit, hosted by BBC journalist Lerato Mbele, will feature some of the most preeminent opinion leaders in the industry and attendees will have the opportunity to learn and be inspired by their powerful insights and experience,” said Kenny Rabson, CEO of Discovery Invest.

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