Döhler presents 'Natural SuperHEROES' for enhanced well-being

In response to the growing global demand for better nutrition amid contemporary challenges for an improved lifestyle, health and well-being, Döhler is proud to present the portfolio of ‘Natural SuperHEROES’.

This innovative range of solutions is thoughtfully crafted with locally-sourced indigenous African botanicals and offers comprehensive health solutions that address various aspects of well-being such as gut health, strong immune system and mental health.

The trend towards holistic health and well-being has gained momentum, particularly in the wake of recent global events that have profoundly impacted us all. Consumers are now more discerning than ever, seeking products that offer added health benefits.

Döhler’s response to this evolving landscape is the ‘Natural SuperHEROES‘ range, designed to merge advanced nutritional science, consumer insights and sustainability principles. The objective is clear: to align with the prevailing emphasis on natural, plant-based and sustainable healthy nutrition.

The development of this exciting addition to the portfolio is grounded in Döhler’s core ethos of ‘We bring ideas to life.’ Drawing upon traditional knowledge combined with contemporary scientific research, Döhler harnesses indigenous, natural raw materials and cutting-edge technologies to deliver tangible value and nutritional excellence through the Natural SuperHEROES product range.

Tailored specifically for the African market, the portfolio of Natural SuperHEROES introduces indigenous botanicals that elevate a wide range of food, beverage and life science & nutrition products. This collection includes the ImmuneHERO Rooibos, Beauty & GutHealthHERO Aloe Vera, EnergyHERO Moringa, HeartHealth & BeautyHERO Honeybush, BeautyHERO Hibiscus, RelaxationHERO Sceletium, ImmuneHERO Pelargonium and more. Döhler products are tailored to meet diverse application needs, including product positioning from mental health and relaxation to gut health, immune support, energy and beauty.

In depth, the ImmuneHERO Rooibos – both Red & Green – offers delightful extracts standardised to varying polyphenol contents, known for the unique antioxidant potential due to naturally occurring actives such as aspalathin and mangiferin. While rooted in African traditions, these local Natural SuperHEROES are versatile, making them suitable for incorporation into a variety of food and beverage applications. They are also finding their way into emerging health supplement products like dry functional powder beverages or trending functional gummies.

Döhlers´s production at the Paarl facility ensures that the local market benefits from numerous advantages, including faster lead times and cost savings. Being committed to sustainability, Döhler’s operations along the supply chain stand for ethical sourcing and create a positive impact within the local communities. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and expanding their botanical production and R&D facility, Döhler offers a great portfolio, ranging from botanicals liquid to powder extracts, full-spectrum powders and essential oils.

Döhler prioritises prime quality of their finest raw materials, ensuring the highest standards and sets on an integrated approach from the first product developments in the initial lab trials to the finished product with testing in final applications. This guarantees consistent high quality across all sectors.

Döhler remains devoted to pioneering health and well-being solutions through all categories from food, beverages and life science & nutrition with the range of Natural SuperHEROES that upholds sustainability, delivers uncompromising quality and enriches consumers life with a better health positioning.


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