Dow launches a Virtual Experience Centre to inspire beauty innovations

The new Virtual Experience Centre (VEC) by Dow offers beauty brands an immersive 3D platform to dive into the future of beauty care. Within the platform, visitors can discover the latest innovations, marketing trends and regulatory information, and interact with Dow’s scientific and regulatory experts.

From the comfort of their home or office, VEC visitors can explore in-depth, science-backed beauty care information through five experiential rooms, including a search library, virtual lab and dedicated areas for sustainability and regulatory topics. Updated content will be added regularly to the platform, including Dow’s latest products, interactive virtual beauty kits, how-to videos and podcasts.  

A screenshot of the Virtual Experience Centre
Dow’s Virtual Experience Centre serves as a one-stop shop for beauty industry professionals

A one-stop shop

The Virtual Experience Centre serves as a one-stop shop for beauty industry professionals looking to expand their knowledge on product innovations, market trends, technical expertise and sustainability topics through an easy, enjoyable and effective experience for customers,” says Isabel Almiro do Vale, global marketing and strategy director for Dow Personal Care. “Our team is driving industry-leading progress in creating a more enjoyable digital experience through insights designed to help our customers make better business decisions.”

A key feature of the VEC is direct real-time access to Dow’s scientific experts, as visitors can schedule a meeting or use the live chat function for tailored solutions and guidance.

A closer look at the features

Inside the VEC, visitors have the freedom to explore the following five interactive rooms.

  1. Product Showroom: Visitors will discover Dow’s new cosmetic ingredients and inspiring prototype kits. These have been setup to spark new formulation ideas. They can also uncover the ideal ingredients for their desired product formats, formulation types and performance.
  • Marketing Hub: To boost marketing know-how and stay on the forefront of trends, this feature consists of Dow’s global consumer insights expertise, podcasts highlighting industry trends and branding guidance.
  • Sustainability Lounge: Visitors can engage with Dow’s scientific and regulatory experts to learn about the company’s sustainability efforts and enhance their regulatory knowledge.
  • Virtual Lab: Visitors can tap into Dow’s scientific expertise, watch video formulation tutorials and read up on the latest scientific articles and product information to better understand the science behind beauty products.
  • Event Zone: Here visitors can join a live event, register for an upcoming event or watch Dow’s webcasts on demand.

Accessible throughout the year

To celebrate the launch, Dow hosted an exclusive roundtable event on 28 April within the VEC where a diverse set of beauty industry leaders shared ideas on how brands can bounce back stronger in a post-pandemic market. Dow will continue to host these insightful events within the VEC Event Zone for visitors to watch anytime and anywhere.

The VEC will be accessible all year long, with new content and events to help brands stay on top of evolving demands and to optimise both the consumer experience and brand performance.

Dow Personal Care offers unique, innovative ingredients that empower customers around the world to create products with exceptional performance and exciting benefits that consumers can trust and believe in.

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