Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals brings distribution in house

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals offers a range of skin care treatments and serumsWith continued growth in both local and global markets, Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals now controls the development, manufacturing and distribution of its brand.

In almost five years, the brand has established a strong footprint in South Africa with recent international distribution to a number of countries in Europe. It was therefore seen as the ideal time for the company to take on its own distribution. This is in line with the fact that it has always developed and manufactured the brand locally. Furthermore, the company wanted to be able to streamline the process from research and development right through to delivery, under one umbrella, offering improved efficiency and service to its existing and potential clients.

Behind the brand

Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals was developed by medical practitioner, Dr Gobac. As a result of years of studying the skin’s natural regenerative and healing processes, he was able to combine together synergistic clusters of active ingredients, which are said to a major effect on the skin’s functionality, thus combating the effects of ageing.

‘We have really grown the brand in terms of its current footprint, as well as increasing consumer awareness and developing new products to support and enhance our existing offering,’ says Dr Gobac. ‘Our stockists are the pillars that support our brand’s growth. They are therefore exceptionally important to us and we want to provide them with the best service not only in terms of product development but also on-time delivery, support and added assistance to ensure the improved success of their businesses.’

Focus on quality

In a similar vein to quality manufacturing practices that have been implemented at the manufacturing plant in South Africa along with the quality of ingredients sourced from all over the world, Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals include a high percentage of actives we use in its products to deliver results. ‘Therefore, our distribution needs to be on par, making us a notable contender in the skin care market,’ Dr Gobac concludes.

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