Draining water from the roof quickly

A really good roof drainage system only needs to be able to do one thing – drain water from the roof quickly and in a controlled manner. To further simplify the installation of the Pluvia roof drainage system, Geberit has now completely redesigned its roof outlets. The new roof outlets are not only more convenient to handle; they also have a more compact design.

Rainwater drainage on roofsWith its Pluvia roof drainage system, Geberit has revolutionised the drainage of water from large roof areas. The technique of draining rainwater using negative pressure achieves almost double the discharge rate of conventional drainage systems and simplifies the planning of the entire system. Geberit has now completely redesigned the 12-litre and 25-litre Geberit Pluvia roof outlets.

“Standardisation of the Pluvia range was one of our main aims. This means that different sizes can be combined with one another in a single system because the roof outlets are constructed in the same way,” explains Izaan Nel from Geberit in Southern Africa. “The streamlined range is thus clearer for the plumbers. For example, they can now use the supplementary sets for weight-bearing outlets for both the 12-litre and the 25-litre roof outlet. This significantly reduces the complexity of the entire system and its planning.”

To facilitate installation into highly insulated roofs, the outlets now have new, longer outlet connection pieces made of PE. The outlet grating, which keeps dirt and twigs away from the outlet, can be attached and removed in just a few steps and without tools, thanks to the rotating lock bar. This makes installation and maintenance much easier.

Spoilt for choice

Geberit Pluvia roof drainageIn addition to these improvements, Geberit has now constructed several components on both outlets in the same way – for example, the anti-condensation insulation, the outlet grating and the function disc. This simplifies both installation and maintenance for roofs on which both outlet sizes are installed. Moreover, with the respective supplementary set the Geberit Pluvia system can bear weight, thus making it suitable for roofs that people walk on as well as for parking decks. The two sets and an installation sheet for roof outlets on lightweight roofs are now also available as accessories for both the 12-litre and 25-litre models.

The Geberit Pluvia roof outlets are not only available in multiple sizes, but also in various designs.

With the Pluvia range, Geberit offers a solution for practically any roof structure: roof outlets for installation on roof foils, bitumen and gutters. There are additional articles available for vapour barrier connection with warm roofs as well as for green or weight-bearing roofs. All models ensure a sealed and durable system. The portfolio also includes an emergency overflow set that is used to convert any roof outlet into an emergency overflow.

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