Drills that make an impact

Introducing an Ingco show stopper, the new 680W, 13mm chuck impact drill compares with the best in its class.  

The Ingco 680W Impact Drill, with a handy depth gauge, is perfect for any DIY or constant depth drilling projects and offers great value for money. This phenomenal drill is reliable, versatile and designed so that it is more comfortable to use over a longer period of time. 

impact drill

The Ingco 680W Impact Drill has two handles. One handle contains the trigger to operate the drill. The second handle (Auxiliary Handle) is specifically designed to keep your Ingco drill steady. 

Its variable speed functionality, selected by adjusting the speed control wheel, allows you to drive the screw in at your own comfortable pace and be able to stop it before it buries itself too deep. With an option of a slower speed, it allows you to align the screw more accurately, which will prevent it from drilling off at an angle. 

The drills’ action selector switch is easily located on the top body of the drill complete with a symbol on either side of the selector switch to help the user select the correct action. For masonry drilling always select the impact action (the hammer symbol) and when drilling wood, metal or plastic select the drilling symbol. 

Compared to other drills on the market, this 680W outprices a 650W drill by around R200. There is nothing in the market that comes close to competing with it.  

Ingco is on track to become the leading tools brand globally. The company achieves this by consistently delivering innovative, high-technology, and high-quality products at low prices. 

For more information or to stock the range of Ingco products visit www.ingco.co.za.  

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