Bedroom colour schemes

A bedroom should be a sanctuary – somewhere we can switch off and feel completely relaxed. What this looks like, however, is different for everyone, and Dulux ColourFutures™ 2024 colour stories can help you create just the feel you want. Offering a wealth of inspiring colour combinations, we have also put together easy-to-achieve ideas for paint effects – from colour blocking to colour flows. This way, everyone can create something individual that works for them, whatever the size or layout of the room.

An uplifting bedroom

“When times are challenging, we want spaces that will make us feel happy; friendly spaces that can help us feel positive. The uplifting colour story is made for having fun with. A modern mixture of soft lilacs and yellows, it is perfect for creating playful combinations that can add impact to any room without feeling brash or intrusive, says Palesa Ramaisa, Dulux Colour Expert. These are colours that work beautifully with natural materials and set off any collection of furnishings. All you need to add is an array of flowers.

A warm and cosy bedroom

Make your bedroom feel familiar and inviting with the warm shades of natural stone, soil and clay. These global earth tones make the perfect backdrop for natural materials, such as clay, terracotta and wood. Because these colours share the same mellow quality, they are perfect for layering to create a look that feels cosy and considered.

A calm bedroom

In today’s busy world, we need a bedroom environment that will allow us to switch off and clear our minds. Decorating your bedroom with a simplified, pared-back décor can create that environment, and a calm colour story provides the perfect ingredients. Inspired by the tones of woodlands and seascapes, fluid blues and greens can bring a calm, clarifying feel. They also work perfectly with natural materials like wood, cork and wool – the simple, understated treasures of nature that can bring beauty and authenticity to your sanctuary.

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