Dulux's Colours of the Year: Creating a kitchen with 'home sweet home' vibes!

A kitchen is essentially a soul of any home, it’s where we go to nourish our bodies, it’s also the part of our home where the best bonding takes place. Stories of the day are shared, reminiscing on fond family memories, and of course, peppered with a little gossip.

Earthy tones in the kitchen.

Taking inspiration from the recently launched Dulux Colour of the Year 2024, Sweet Embrace, which has shown how people are looking to utilise colour in redefining their place in the world, here are some of the latest kitchen colour trends Dulux has seen in 2023.  

Global earthy tones to keep your kitchen warm  

Global earthy tones are warm neutrals which are grounding and timeless, reminding you of home, a place that feels comfortable and safe, and combines shades of stone, soil and clay. They can help create a personal space that’s familiar and embracing – somewhere we can feel snug and find comfort. They are known to bring the essence of nature and tranquillity, truly setting up the mood of the moment when you are busy cooking your favourite dishes during this festive season.  

Fluid natural tones to keep your kitchen calm.

Fluid natural tones to keep your kitchen calm  

These spontaneous tones evoke thoughts of nature, and the essence of what life is. Bringing together the soft greens and blues of the woods and sea, you can create a quiet kitchen where you can clear your mind, feel peaceful, hear the chirping sound of birds outside and understand the value of the simpler things. Recent Dulux ColourFutures research suggests that many consumers like the idea of bringing nature closer than ever. Consumers are looking to are looking to slow down their thoughts and immerse themselves into the intricacies of preparing their food as well.  

Modern pastel tones to keep your kitchen joyful.

Modern pastel tones to keep your kitchen joyful  

Modern pastels are known to put a smile on your face with dreamy lilacs and modern yellows to create a friendly, light-hearted space where you feel energised, joyful, and open to new possibilities. This sets a scenery where you get your creative juices flowing to cook super dishes, and most importantly, get that much-needed joy you crave when preparing food for your family.  

Discover how Sweet Embrace and the new Dulux Colour of the Year palettes could turn your kitchen into a warm and inviting space with the Dulux Visualizer App during this festive season. It’s the perfect companion to help provide a little colour guidance for your kitchen revamp.  

For more tips and colour inspiration, visit the Dulux social pages Facebook,  Pinterest or Instagram.  

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