Duram rakes in accolades as supplier of the year

DuramDuram are the proud holders of this year’s Build it ‘House Brand’ supplier of the year award and they followed this achievement with the overall Mica Supplier of the Year award in August.

DIY Trade News asked Samantha Barwise, Duram Brand Manager, about the company’s success.

Q: To what do you attribute these accolades?

A: Firstly, we are absolutely overjoyed with the awards and can’t thank our customers enough for the acknowledgement. I think our customers have reacted positively to our order fill rates along with our increased delivery schedule which means they can get stock quickly, thereby reducing their working capital investment. We are also investing a lot of time training staff in stores which aids in the increased sell through rate of our products.

Q: You have over 30 years of experience under the belt – how much does experience count in this instance?

A: I think it all comes down to relationships and trust which take a lot of time to build. I would like to believe that our customers trust our products and our staff and can therefore confidently recommend our products to their customers.

We also constantly try new things and have learned so much along the way, so all the time spent in the saddle has certainly helped to do things a little more efficiently over the years. We still have a long way to go and we are looking forward to tackling new challenges in the future.

Q: Do you have certain policies in place to gauge your service delivery?

A: We would like to think that we have the one of the most effective delivery schedules nationally and the challenge always remains to constantly improve service while not overinvesting in resources which ultimately impacts on the cost of our products.

Our Operations Director and her team work incredibly hard at getting this balance right. We see our customers as people with whom we have a relationship and we always do everything in our power to provide them with after sales service and support that will make them even more confident to recommend our products in future. Our sales staff are also properly trained to assist customers in the field to speedy service delivery.

Q: Duram has recently increased their product offering and have moved aggressively into the decorative market – has this been successful for you?

It has been an incredible journey filled with constant interaction and input from customers who have helped us in developing the range, its quality requirements and price points. Our customers expressed a need and we have always felt that there was a massive gap in the paint market for another player who does not compete with them, and who delivers a paint range with their needs and the needs of their customers solely in mind.  The response has been amazing and the challenge is to keep exceeding our customers’ expectations as we continue to roll out this range.

Q: What makes your product offering different from others available in this market?

I think rather than just the product offering it’s the package and the ultimate deal which sets this range apart. Duram does not sell to contractors and do not compete with our customers. We refer all end users to our retailers where they can get excellent products at the best value for money while delivering excellent margins to the retailers. The range is wide enough to fill all the price segments and quality levels we want to be in (for now). We feel that it requires the least amount of working capital investment from the retailer while still being able to meet all the needs of their customers.

Ultimately it’s a great deal to retailers and end users alike which is driving our success.

Q: Will your strategy change over the short and long term or will you stick to the recipe that works?

The paint market is very dynamic and we are small enough to react quickly. I have no doubt that there will be changes in the market and hope that we will anticipate new trends and react effectively. The strategy is certainly evolving every day.

Q: Is there anything new and exciting retailers can expect from Duram in the near future?

We are always investigating new ideas but as always we need to make sure it meets the needs of all stakeholders before we press play.

For now we are working very hard at this rollout and at making sure we execute perfectly in every store.

We thank our customers for their incredible support and we are always focused on exceeding their expectations while having a lot of fun along the way.

We are certainly very excited about the future and humbled by their support.

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