Zencha by Sebastian Herkner: A homage to mindfulness and traditional craftsmanship

Designed as cambered rectangles, the above-counter basins in the Zencha bathroom collection by Sebastian Herkner for Duravit are bulbous at the bottom and taper upwards with an elegant curve.

The outstanding design of the Zencha bathroom collection by Sebastian Herkner for Duravit was inspired by traditional Japanese rituals and craftsmanship and combines unusual above-counter basins with minimalistic furniture. The most striking feature of the basins and bathtub is the rounded shape that opens into a graceful, outward-curving edge. The dual-walled sanitary objects made from DuraCeram® and DuraSolid® are paired with modular, geometric bathroom furniture with an elegant frame. The furniture is made from materials such as wood and textured glass and not only offers plenty of storage space, but is also extremely pleasant to the touch. “I’ve always wanted to develop a bathroom series for Duravit,” says the designer from Offenbach. He can now take his place in the roll-call of renowned designers such as Philippe Starck and Cecilie Manz who have designed collections for the German manufacturer.

Striking and delicate: The design

With its balanced shapes, colours and materials, Zencha appeals to all of our senses. The inspiration for the design are handmade ceramic teacups that the designer discovered in Japan. Designed as cambered rectangles, they are bulbous at the bottom and taper upwards with an elegant curve. The materials used are equally sensual, with basins manufactured from DuraCeram®. This material enables above-counter basins with an extremely thin rim thickness to be created that are robust and extremely easy to care for. Seamlessly manufactured from DuraSolid®, the bathtubs impress with their pleasantly warm feel and elegant matt aesthetic.

The straight-lined design of the furniture creates an intriguing contrast to the organic sanitary objects. The outstanding design feature here is an elegant frame just six millimetres thick. It creates a uniform shadow gap that lends the furniture a graceful and effortless feel.

Multi-faceted and functional: Modular furniture elements

The furniture of the Zencha collection is designed in a modular fashion and can be deployed in a variety of ways, for instance as open shelves or drawers with push-open and self-closing technology. As a storage area for everyday (bathroom) items, they give structure to the room and imbue cosiness into various styles. Herkner has further designed a separate mirror that emulates the contour of the round basins. Its organic form is accentuated by an all-round LED strip, and the light is turned on and off via a sensor on the bottom edge of the mirror.

Elegant above-counter basins

The sanitary objects made from DuraCeram® consist of two differently shaped above-counter basins: a curved square measuring 420 x 420mm and a rounded rectangle measuring 550 x 390mm – in each case with or without a tap panel – in the colours White, White Satin Matt, Gray Satin Matt, and Anthracite Matt. The square variant of the above-counter basin with its ceramic cover is a particular talking point in the bathroom.

Bathtubs with a pool-like feeling

The shape of the square version of the free-standing bathtub, made from DuraSolid® and measuring 1250 x 1250 mm, is drawn from the square above-counter basin. Bathers are invited to immerse themselves blissfully into the deep water, an experience reminiscent of a Japanese Onsen bath. The bathtub is additionally available in two compact versions.

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