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Eco tanks recently had its annual conference in East London, attended by key staff members, sales as well as support staff.

Eco Tanks was born out of the need to service the Eastern Cape, an area traditionally neglected by many local manufacturers and distributors. This was due to the smaller contribution this area makes to national budgets. Eco Tanks saw this as an opportunity to produce a high quality product and commenced production in 2004 from a small shed on a farm in East London.

The Eco Tanks partners were pleasantly surprised by the initial response and knew they had a winning recipe. The production facility moved within a few years to the current in Wilsonia Industrial, East London and opened their distribution centre in Port Elizabeth. Eco Tanks also opened factories in Pretoria and KwaZulu-Natal in 2012. This year they completed their national footprint by opening another distribution centre in the Western Cape.

Eco Tanks prides itself on the high quality product and service it delivers. It recently passed the ISO 9001 final audit adding more credibility to the company. They are also members of ARMSA (The Association of Rotor Moulding) and are agreement certified.

Eco tanks recently had its annual conference in East London, attended by key staff members, sales as well as support staff and – as usual – key to the conference was the focus on efficiencies, customer service and product development.

The conference started off with delegates being split into teams who had to each manufacture its own tanks from scratch. Although this provided much laughter all round, it also served as a very important training platform for all, allowing everyone to understand the complexities of the process. This also gave production managers from the different regions an opportunity to compare notes on best practises.

Eco Tanks also launched its own drought relief initiative. Along with their main supplier Sasol polymers, they distributed 300 – 1000L tanks, free of charge to areas of critical need. The success of this initiative overwhelmed partners and staff at ECO tanks to the degree that they launched their own CSI Initiative. Eco Tanks offered the 1000L tank at a retail price of R595 (incl VAT). The retailer still retained a small margin and was responsible for ensuring that 1 500 tanks were sold to customers who critically needed them.

This initiative is available to retailers that have identified any critical need candidates in their respective areas and can apply for assistance while stocks last. Please note however that stock is limited and not every situation may be attended to. Approval is up to the discretion of management.

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