Effective and robust cleaning made easy by sound wave

Air and Vacuum Technologies offers its own wide range of durable and robust ultrasonic cleaners (SuperSonic) in various sizes that suit different applications such as cleaning test sieves, jewelry, complex specialised instruments, degassing hydrolysed equipment in the lab as an example. The ultrasonic cleaners are offered in different sizes from 1.5L to 200L capacity.

This allows for the cleaning of small and big objects. The range of SuperSonic ultrasonic cleaners include household, multifunctional, power sweep, power adjustable, digital, dual, mechanical, industrial, barrel, customised, submersible, auto lift and industrial circulating filtration ultrasonic cleaners.

The units are manufactured using die cast stainless steel and equipped with working modes such as dewax, degrease, degas, pulse, power and turbo switch, and heating to allow removal of tough stains and residue. Different liquids or chemicals can be used for cleaning objects depending on the nature of the dirt, grease, or corrosion.

Some of the features include long service life and high stability, full wave for intensive rinse, semi-wave for gross rinse, touch and digital controller of high precision, free time setting, power cut memory function, auto standby, sleep and wake up by one key-press mode.

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