Effective monitoring of building energy consumption

A cost-effective new system is allowing switched-on building owners and facility managers to monitor and manage energy consumption using advanced new sensors and an easy-to-use cloud-based operating system.

energy management system to monitor and control energy usage

Distributed by local technology integrator, Euca Technologies, on behalf of one of the world’s leading logging and monitoring system specialist companies, Onset Computer Corporation, the new EG4100 Series systems from Onset combine an energy meter, current transformers, and cloud-based dashboard for seamless, simple and cost-effective monitoring of energy parameters in real-time to allow simple, highly accurate and cost-effective management of energy for buildings.

Euca Technologies managing director, Ernest Campling, says the core of the EG4100 Series is a revenue-grade power meter that combines an energy meter, data logger, and web server into a single integrated unit. Offered in 15- and 30-input models, the EG4100 Series allows customers to replace dozens of traditional sub-meters with an all-in-one system that streamlines the power monitoring process.

Current transformers
“Using the EG4100 Series, managers can monitor a range of energy parameters, including volts, amps, kilowatt-hours, and power factor, among others. It acts primarily as a current transformer (CT) meter and works with both standard CTs and Rogowski Coil-based sensors (sold separately). The Pro model accepts 30 CTs and the Core model receives 15.
“Importantly, the EG4100 Series delivers revenue-grade monitoring for better insights into how employees, tenants, and/or systems are utilizing power, as well as how effectively solar and other power solutions are generating energy. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, such as utility submetering, property management, lights/loads/HVAC reporting, facility metrics, benchmarking & alerts.”

Ernest adds that the system allows customers to analyze metering information through a user interface to a cloud-based dashboard that presents a powerful, straightforward, and granular way to visualize energy data. The highly customizable graphical view can be set to display—or hide—any number of monitoring points, so users can view data formatted for a need or remove irrelevant information. Because the monitoring points are shown with user-defined time periods, it is easy to analyze data, ranging from minutes to months or even years.

Quick action
Other benefits include data updates every second for live monitoring, custom alerts that enable users to act if energy readings fall outside set parameters, comma-separated values (CSV) to facilitate data exports for reporting.
It also allows reports on energy production versus energy usage supporting Green Building Initiatives, as well as daily, weekly and monthly summaries in order to understand energy-use patterns over different time periods.

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